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Why Choose Our Team For Your Short Sale?

  • Our team has over 10 years of short sale experience in the Reno – Sparks real estate market.
  • We are statistically one of the top performing short sale experts in the Reno-Sparks area.
  • Our commitment to each homeowner is the same… We will evaluate each situation individually to help you determine which option is best for you.
  • We will strive to make the Short Sale process as smooth, effortless and private as possible.
  • We will communicate with you throughout the entire transaction, so you are never left wondering what is happening or if the transaction is going through.
  • Our goal is not only to help you in this transaction, but hope to build a client for life by providing you with the outstanding service you deserve.
  • We are not investors, we will not ask you to deed the property to us, we will not lie to you, we will not charge you up front fees and will not recommend you deed to a third party or give up your home. We serve as a neutral third party to the Short Sale transaction and are working for both buyer and seller as a third party negotiator.
  • Our services our 100% free to you. Your mortgage lender will pay all real estate fees and commissions.
  • We handle Short Sales in all areas of Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Minden, Incline Village, Fernley, Dayton and the Lake Tahoe areas on the Nevada side.  We can also refer you to our partners throughout California and the US if you property is located in another area.


Get Started On Your Short Sale


We have helped hundreds of Reno-Sparks homeowners just like you avoid foreclosure, navigate the short sale process, and move on to a better tomorrow!

Our 3 Promises To You

  • We will save your credit
  • We will stop the calls from creditors
  • We will help you avoid foreclosure.


Who Are We

Welcome to the Heath Montgomery Real Estate Team Short Sale Website.  We are a local Real Estate Company serving Reno, Sparks, Carson Valley, and Incline Village.  We specialize in helping individuals that are heading into default on their current loans, or are already in the foreclosure process.  If you have questions, we have the answers to help you! We handle the listing and short sale negotiations throughout the entire short sale process.

We understand that defaulting on your mortgage can be a stressful and difficult situation.  We have counseled many individuals and families in similar situations.   Our team is here to help! We have discovered that many homeowners in this situation don’t realize that they have other options instead of foreclosure.  One of the best options to avoid foreclosure and save your credit is a short sale.

A short sale, is when the amount owed to the lenders is more than what the home can be sold for.  In a short sale, we list the property, and then negotiate with the bank to accept less than the full amount to satisfy the debt,  allowing it to be paid off “short”.


Just How Upside Down Is My Reno Home?


We truly care about people, and it has been a privilege for us to help many individuals and families throughout this economic downturn.  Our clients often refer to us as Honest, Dependable, Hardworking, and Trustworthy.  Many testimonials and reccomendations from our clients can be found on our testimonials page.


Why Choose Us?

Our team of Reno Sparks short sale professionals have consistently performed in the top 3% of all agents in Northern Nevada.  Our short sale success rate is among the highest in the industry, both nationally and locally.  We take pride in the fact that have successfully closed 95% of all short sale transactions that we have listed (the average agent closes less than 50% of their short sale transactions).  Our team has also won many top awards from Keller Williams Realty International as “top-producing” and “top performing”.

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Is Your Family dealing with a financial crisis?

New TV show for SPIKE TV may be able to help.

Looking for families who are living above their means , downsizing , maxed out, or facing foreclosure of home or business . 

Corporate strategist and fortune 500 Business Strategist, Victor Antonio, will meet and help families who are facing a fiscal calamity.

With a mix of expert guidance and tough love, Antonio will work to help the family out of their monetary pit.

If this describes your family, please email or give us a call.
Include your name, location, contact information and a photo. Also please describe your current situation.

You can also call 3 2 three 8 two two 4 four 8 two.

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Real Estate Marketing "The Podcast" How do I get listings or deals? #Investor #Realtor

David Bartels LIVE from Anaheim CA presentation


Banks grant short sales for two reasons: the seller has a hardship, and the seller owes more on the mortgage than the home is worth.

The seller will need to prepare a financial package for submission to the short sale bank. Each bank has its own guidelines, but the basic procedure is similar from bank to bank.

A few examples of a hardship are:
Unemployment / reduced income
Medical emergency
Job transfer out of town

The seller’s short sale package will most likely consist of:
Letter of authorization, which lets your agent speak to the bank.
HUD-1 or preliminary net sheet
Completed financial statement
Seller’s hardship letter
2 years of tax returns
2 years of W-2s
Recent payroll stubs
Last 2 months of bank statements
Comparative market analysis or list of recent comparable sales

Writing the Short Sale Offer and Submitting to the Bank

Before a buyer writes a short sale offer, a buyer should ask his or her agent for a list of comparable sales.

Banks are not in the business of giving away a home at rock-bottom pricing. The bank will want to receive somewhat close to market value.

The short sale price may have little bearing on market value and may, in fact, be priced below the comparable sales to encourage multiple offers.

After the seller accepts the offer, the listing agent will send the following items to the bank:
Listing agreement
Executed purchase offer
Buyer’s pre-approval or proof of funds letter and copy of earnest money check
Seller’s short sale package.

The Short Sale Process at the Bank

Buyers may wait a very long time to get a response from the bank. It is imperative for the listing agent to regularly call the bank and keep careful notes of the short sale process.

Buyers may get so tired of waiting for short sale approval that they may feel the need to threaten to cancel if they don’t get an answer within a specified time period.

That type of attitude is self-defeating and will not speed up the short sale process. If buyers are the type with little patience, perhaps a short sale is not for them.

Following is a typical short sale process at the bank:
Bank acknowledges receipt of the file.
A negotiator is assigned.
The bank orders a valuation of the property.
The file is sent for review or to the investor.
The bank may then request that all parties sign an Arms-Length Affidavit.
The bank issues a short sale approval letter.

Some short sales get approval in 3 weeks. Others can take as long as 12 months. A typical Short Sale transaction takes 4-6 months to complete.

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Real Estate Marketing (The Podcast)

How do I get a listing or deal? #Investor #Realtor

Short Sales are BACK!


Bryant Tutas 
Co-founder of Working Short Sales every day all day.

Real Estate Broker and Owner of Tutas Towne Realty. A virtual Real Estate company specializing in listing and selling Short Sales and REO properties in the Central Florida Area.

Finding solutions that get your property “sold” is what I do.

Folks, if you need to sell your home then give me a call today and let’s talk! 407-873-2747 All calls are confidential. I can help……

….if you’re facing foreclosure. 
….if you need to sell a Holiday Home. 
….expose your property to over 500 web sites. 
….educate you on current market conditions.

Mike Linkenauger 

Main website

Short Sale Websites -
Mike got his start in Real Estate in 2005 at the young age of 26. He immediately established himself as a top producer in the Jacksonville, FL market, moving into the top 1% of agents his first year in the business. As the Florida housing market became depressed in 2007, Mike shifted his focus and immediately found a calling in assisting home owners with a short sale. In no time he amassed an inventory of over 100 short sale listings and quickly established himself as one of the top short sale agents in the State of Florida. As his online presence grew, homeowners from other parts of Florida began contacting him for guidance with a short sale and to be connected with a local short sale agent.

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I remember writing earlier this year that I had finally gotten to the point of only having very few Short Sales wasn't but 30 days or so later...when out of nowhere...Came A Batch...not just 5 or 6...but over 10...WHAT? What had happened? Where are these coming from? And you know what? They are now Super Powered...what is that you say?

I mean ones that are so far advanced that they still blow me away...Now It seems Banks will wait for BK's to Discharge only to ask the Non-obligated Borrower if they would like to skip going to Foreclosure and participate in a Short Sale instead(WHAT???-YEP)...word to the wise...No matter what I have found that sending everything to the BK Depts. also helps in the Short Sale...

I am also getting the properties with Home Assistance tacked on or Emergency Funds that helped them stay in the house prior to...tracking folks down on these is a bit timely...for us it was almost all done through NC Housing or HUD for the emergency funds...

Those are just a few...Just when you thought we could sit back...Life smacks ya with opportunity(Regular agents still don't want to do Short they toss these files over to The Short Sale Agents "known for getting our hands dirty"-so to say)...

Better watch what you say out loud...Just when you say "I wouldn't mind a few short sales again..."...a lot of folks will hear you...and then it will be a bunch; all at once...Just like the old days... 

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Short Sale Processing Support

Why Use A Short Sale Processor?

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” 

Some agents will not touch a short sale file without their processor(s) and others are scared to relinquish any control whatsoever. We come across a mix of both and find that once an agent has a processor who adds enough value to their business they will never turn back.

A processor should know 10X than you about short sales and everything that goes into facilitating the transaction to the fullest. From client management, foreclosure postponement, servicer and investor guidelines, to completing a short sale with multiple mortgage liens, judgments, and tax liens, no transaction should be beyond your processors comprehension.

Many top producing agents see the following values in a high-end processor:

  • Leverage others to free up time to prospect and build their business.
  • Increase Value to clients with a loss mitigation team in their corner.
  • Expedite and Stream Line Short Sale Transactions


How To Compensate A Short Sale Processor

There are a few different ways that you may be able to have a short sale processor paid that can keep you from coming out of pocket. If the deal doesn’t close, the processor shouldn’t be paid a penny.

Here a few ways to compensate a processor depending on servicer and state guidelines.

  • Ask The Servicer To Pay The Fee On The Settlement Statement
  • The Buyer May Be Willing To Pay The Short Sale Processing Fee
  • Increase Commission Split Towards Listing Side To Offset Processor Fee Paid By Listing Side
  • Combination Of The Above

Give me a ring at 1-800-692-9960 to discuss the value we can add to your business in the short sale and loss mitigation realm of real estate.


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12433934659?profile=originalGood grief!  Two notes..ok, I know it's going to be difficult, but so what?  Shorts Sales are never a slam dunk, and I've done so many now that that just didn't deter me. 

The first is with OCWEN, who have become much easier to deal with.  It's the second that have caused me problems.  Real Time Solutions..aaargh!!  So vague, and so not interested in making things clear or following up.

Good news???  After 7 months, we are set to close 3/30/15!!  Whoopee!!

Short Sales do require tenacity and constant follow up, and even then...imagine a 7 month Escrow!  At least I've got a good buyers' Agent and her buyers never quit.  They are getting a nice property at a good value....FINALLY!!

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Realtors in Beaumont

Beaumont, California Short Sale REALTORS - Helping People with the Short Sale Process

Are you under-water on your Beaumont, California home? Have you experienced a hardship that has made paying your mortgage difficult or impossible? We can help you. Whether you occupy the home, its vacant or a rental, we have helped many Beaumont homeowners and other Southern California residents short sale their homes and avoid foreclosure.


Here's a quick summary of who we are:

  • We have lived and worked in Beaumont, California since 2007/2008, and have been helping Beaumont homeowners sell their distressed homes since the market crash.
  • We specialize in short sales! We've helped many homeowners negotiate with banks and lenders. We've worked with all the major banks, and most of the small ones too. WE KNOW THE SHORT SALE PROCESS AND WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING.
  • We are a husband and wife team, and we are full service short sale agents. We handle all aspects of the short sale process from beginning to closing. And we never, EVER charge you a dime for our short sale services.

As of this post its July 2016. Yes, the market has recovered, but not all Beaumont homes have regained their purchase value! If you're still struggling to maintain that under-water home, call us and let's discuss your options:

Todd & Devona Garrigus

Garrigus Real Estate Group/HomeSmart Professionals

(951) 490-3683

Check out our Short Sale Formula

Beaumont CA Short Sale REALTORS

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Because I am very active in Short Sales in the Portland, OR metro area, I get all kinds of questions by email and phone.

As much as possible, I try to keep the questions and answer in email form.  One of the most common questions I get is:

"should I short sale or not".  My answer is almost always "it depends".  Basically, whether a short sale is a good strategy to unload a property, or not, depends on the specific situation.  The email sequence below is a good example of this.

Email Sequence:

Customer questions are in navy.  My replies are in blue.

Hi -

I have an initial question on my possible options. I got divorced 2 years ago and still jointly own a house with my ex wife, which is under water by aprx $55k, I owe $260k. I am current on my mortgage.

I have a first for $200k and a second for $60k. My problem is I could afford to pay the defect, but don't want to pay her 1/2. Additionally I'd like to not impact my credit or damage my chances of buying a new house in the next few years.

Please could you let me know possible options from your perspective, so I can begin a plan on selling my house.




Thanks for contacting me. 

It seems to me you are not much underwater.  Maybe you need to buy her off the title and keep the house.  The ticket is to do it now rather than when there is equity, because you will get there.  At that point she will want her cut, even if she is not paying now.  Cash plus resentment area bad combo.

Is the property vacant?

Another option is for you to pay the short fall of the sale if you want to sell with no default.   That would be around $80K by the time you add the second mortgage, the unpaid part of the first, the real estate commissions and other things.

Hopefully this helps.  For a short sale you need to default.


Thanks for the quick response Oscar. The house is not vacant, I am actually currently residing there.

I assume that default is the worst possible option and would completely ruin my credit (and potentially leave me exposed to lenders wanting to come after debt recovery)?  I have a feeling this would be my ex's preferred option, which I want to steer clear of. Do you know if a default in her name would impact her new husband or just limit their future lending options as her credit will be poor (that could be a good deterrent).

I guess my other option could be to buy her out, then potentially look at renting it, although my mortgage is currently at 6.5% :(

Thanks again.



It seems you are better off buying her out.  You will have to pay for rent or mortgage anyway.  Offer her $2K for getting out of the title.  Do it at a title company.  I can connect you.

Don't take this as legal or tax advice.  Just a pointer.

Let me know if you need anything else. 


Oscar Morante
Ph:  971-222-3734
Fax: 866-844-7009
PDX Experts Real Estate, LLC
534 SW 3rd Avenue
Suite 305
Portland, OR 97204

Real Estate Agent

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We would like to introduce you to our home buyer specialist, Eric Engels, Realtor® | Real Estate Agent serving the Janesville, Wisconsin area!

Eric-Engels-240x300.jpg?width=240"Hello Rock County! I am very happy to have joined the Rock Realty team. I have been a resident of Janesville for over 13 years. I lived in the Quad Cites before that living in both Illinois and Iowa. In 2006 I had the chance to move back to the Quad Cites, I thought about it for about 2 seconds, but Wisconsin is the best place to live I couldn't leave. I am a big fan of the Midwest way of living! I am very excited to meet some of the great people in Rock County, and to help them in there home buying and selling needs."

"At Rock Realty we use the newest and most innovative technology to help us in our advertising and researching needs. Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions you may have. Again I look forward to meeting the great people of Rock County."


Eric Engels

Visit my site to search for Janesville, WI Real Estate Listings:
(Homes for sale in 53545, 53546 and 53548 and the rest of Dane & Rock County)

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Short Sale Real Estate Agents in Dunkirk, WI 53589 

Michael-Collins-Short-Sale-Realtor-e1357917218894.jpg?width=200Are you looking for a Dunkirk Wisconsin Short Sale Realtor® or real estate agent? Rock Realty is a real estate brokerage that specializes in Short Sales and Bank Owned Foreclosures in the Dunkirk WI area.
My name is Michael Collins, broker for Rock Realty. I have completed the Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource training and have been given the SFR designation through the National Association of Realtors®. Feel free to contact me directly at 608-921-8536 for help with any of your short sale questions. I have helped many home owners with their distressed property needs.

REALTORS® who have earned the SFR certification know how to help sellers maneuver the complexities of short sales as well as help buyers pursue short sale and foreclosure opportunities. The certification program includes training on how to qualify sellers for short sales, negotiate with lenders, protect buyers, and limit risk.

A Certified Distressed Property Expert® (CDPE) is a real estate professional with specific understanding of the complex issues confronting the real estate industry. Through comprehensive training and experience, CDPEs are able to provide solutions for homeowners facing hardships in today's market.

What is a Short Sale?
A short sale occurs when a lender agrees to take less than the amount owed to payoff a loan as an alternative to foreclosure. Lenders know that it will cost them a significant amount of money to take a property back. The Realtors® at Rock Realty can often convince them that they will be better off financially if they sell the property now rather than taking the home through foreclosure and trying to sell it later. So, a short sale can actually be good for the bank. It can also be good for the home owner, as it is typically better to perform a short sale on their Dunkirk property instead of letting it proceed to foreclosure.

If you are considering the possibility of a short sale for your Dunkirk Wisconsin home and have further questions, feel free to visit the information page below.

Wisconsin Short Sale Information

Is a Short Sale right for My Home?


Additional Short Sale Information


Rock Realty SOLD Short Sale Listings

514 S Jackson St, Janesville WI | 900 King Street, Stoughton WI

105 W Main St, Brooklyn WI | 408 S Academy Street, Janesville WI

449 Farnham St #2, Marshall WI | 1117 Ontario Dr, Janesville WI

4602 N Katherine Dr, Janesville WI   

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1038 Moore St, Beloit WI 53511 - $85,000

Cape Cod style family home now for sale in Beloit, Wisconsin. Nice sized Bedrooms!

Well kept Cape Cod currently used as a rental property. Hard wood floors and trim with tile in the lower level. 2 car garage has alley access. Short Sale.


Property Highlights

  • 2 Car Garage
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Large Bedrooms
  • First Floor Bedroom
  • First Floor Bathroom
  • Short Sale



  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Home Size: 1,863 sq.ft.
  • Garage: 2
  • County: Rock
  • Property Type: Single Family Home

Click here for additional homes for sale in Beloit:
Beloit Wisconsin Homes for Sale

QR Code 1038 Moore St

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Ignoring Potentially 21%

Ignoring Potentially 21%

In April, 2014, RealtyTrac came out with a report that showed that 1) 9.1 million, or 17% of all US mortgages (total number of US mortgages calculated at over 53.5 million) were STILL seriously underwater, where the loan amount is higher than the property value. Housing values in many areas are coming back, but not enough to put many of the 9.1 million still underwater homeowners into a positive equity position.

In March of 2013, 2) RealtyTrac reported there were 2.2 million past short sellers trying to re-enter the housing market again.

Past short sellers and still underwater homeowners who may have to short sell in the future equate to potentially 21% of the total US residential mortgage market numbers.

The credit of a great majority of those that "have had to or may have to short sell" is proven to be good, with most professing and pr...oving that keeping credit intact is given the highest priority. However, most underwater homeowners have dangerously high back end debt to income ratios as they borrow against everything they've got to stay put, until they cannot any longer. Many are depleting retirement funds and borrowing from other assets to stay solvent.

And the "strategic default" label placed en-masse upon short sellers from 2007-2009 has been proven to be 3) "relatively rare" suggesting that the greatest indicator of default has been unemployment, and that policies designed to promote employment, such as payroll tax cuts, are most likely to stem defaults rather than policies that temporarily modify mortgages.

Short sales are not approved unless a hardship exists, and the majority of those affected will not tell realtors or even their lender of hardship endured unless seriously prodded or required to do so.

Short sellers are saddled with an even bigger problem once they are able to exit their home. There is a credit code problem where past short sale credit shows up as a foreclosure. The foreclosure code is borrowed from the Metro 2 system and the code conflicts in the same raw data, where a narrative of "settled for less than full balance" appears with foreclosure credit code. This credit change occurs when a mortgage holder applies for a short sale and when their mortgage credit goes past 4)120 days delinquent.

On Nov. 16, 2013, the Fannie Mae DU version 9.1 became available and was supposed to allow lenders who were receiving a Refer/Caution( denial) on 5) conventional mortgages because the past short sale was showing as a foreclosure, to go into the Fannie Mae system and make a change. Instead, lenders must be given the OK to make the change first by Fannie Mae in verbiage provided in findings. This only works occasionally, and when the lender receives the OK to go in and make the change, the lender must state "YES" to a foreclosure to finalize.

Further, the problem also exists in Freddie Mac, which was unknown prior because Freddie Mac does not give an automated approval on past short sales until four years past the short sale. We now have cases of Freddie Mac denials of short sales, past the four years, miscoded as a foreclosure.

When we start paying attention to the erroneous foreclosure code that is stopping past short sellers from re-entering the housing market and threatens those who may have to short sell with the same, and address that the "fixes" have problems that need to be corrected, then it may be possible to see a shift in the housing market. 

2) Boomerang buyers return to market after foreclosure/By Les Christie @CNNMoney March 11, 2013
4) The delinquency requirement for a short sale has historically been required by lenders for short sale approval. Recently, lender have NOT been requiring delinquency, or a shortened period such as 31 days, required on an FHA short sale.
5) This was never a problem with FHA and VA mortgages. The Total Scorecard, a secondary automated system, parallels the Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriter/Originator and the Freddie Mac Loan Prospector. FHA and VA mortgages with a past short sale typically receive an approval but with verbiage that discloses there may be a past pre-foreclosure or foreclosure with direction to confirm and adjust per FHA/VA guidelines.

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Millions of Homeowners Underwater

First-time homebuyers are searching for affordable homes; however those homes are a rare find on the market because of the negative equity on most of those homes. According to the first quarter of Zillow® Negative Equity Report, almost 9.7 million homeowners are underwater.

Homeowners who owe more on their mortgage than the house is worth are in a sticky situation. This is usually because they have fallen behind on their payments and are not able to afford that house anymore. Homeowners in a negative equity situation are not able to bring money to closing or pay for the deficiency, so they are not able to list their home for sell on the market.

In order to successfully sell their home, the homeowner would have to do a short sale so that the lender would accept a short payoff of what is owed. With the right short sale specialist, this would help the homeowners move on and avoid an additional financial problem.

The misleading information and absence of the resources about short sales are contributing to the inventory shortage. This leads to the homes that are on the market to be priced higher, making homes even less affordable for first-time homebuyers.

Speak to one of our short sale experts in Texas by calling (972)342-0011. 

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Hello Fellow Short Sale Agents...

As I write this, I started thinking about all the past Clients' I have helped with Short Sales through the years, Help of this Site, how many people have you helped? Because of this site? Because of the Knowledge we shared with each other...We all deserve a round of applause, if not for a simple, TAKE A hat goes off to all of you!

In Charlotte, NC...short sales are down...maybe starting to see the end of it's great run...and then...then the phone rang this morning...A New Client in the Short Sale see; I only have 3 Short Sales left, NOW 4(Thanks to Bank of America)....I have more "Real Deals" if you that I mean, regular RE ones that will actually close before I see the short sales close(LOL)....

It all remains the same however, the 3rd Party, the Hardships, the TRUE partnering in someone else's life to help them out of a Bad Situation....THAT IS THE PART OF REGULAR REAL ESTATE THAT SHORT SALE AGENTS HAVE EXPERIENCED THAT I BELIEVE OTHER AGENTS DON'T....

While we are in the business to help and guide people to a New Home, or Sell A Property...Nothing feels quite as good as Being A Part of Real Estate Transaction where YOU REALLY HELP HOMEOWNERS, YOU ARE A KEY PERSON THAT ALLOWS THEM A NEW OUTLOOK & HOPE OF OWNING A HOME IN THE FUTURE... I suit up for another go around with the banks...I SAY BRAVO TO ALL OF YOU, What We Do, What We Have Done...Being A Short Sale Agent Has Been Some of The Most Rewarding Years of My Business!


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Tips for Starting a Backyard Garden

Backyard-Garden.jpgStarting a vegetable garden in your backyard is a great way to save money and eat healthy. Gardening allows you to enjoy fresh, flavorful produce that is far superior to what you’ll find at the supermarket. Backyard gardening also helps reduce the environmental impact of transporting food.

Growing vegetables is a fun activity that you can share with your family. Gardening encourages you to spend more time outdoors, providing you with an escape from the stresses of daily life. In addition, a vegetable garden can transform your backyard into a more attractive landscape. Below are some tips for starting your own backyard garden from scratch.

Start Small

In your first year, don’t bite off more than you can chew because you could get overwhelmed. If you’re new to gardening, start off with a garden that’s no bigger than 8 x 10 feet. You don’t need a large space to create a plentiful garden. Many new gardeners get so excited that they plant more than they need and end up wasting food. Keep in mind that some plants, such as tomatoes, keep providing produce throughout the season, while other plants, like corn, produce only once. You may need to plant more of the latter type of vegetables.

Pick the Right Spot

A garden needs plenty of sun, good soil, and water to thrive. The plants in your garden need a minimum of five hours of direct sunlight each day. Choose a location for your garden that offers maximum continuous light. Make sure that you also take the shadows of trees, fences, buildings, and other tall objects into consideration when picking a spot. If your backyard lacks an area that’s fully exposed to the sun, you may still have success growing leafy vegetables like lettuce and spinach. Many gardeners like to have their garden close to their house, so they can easily step out and grab some produce while they’re cooking.

When looking for a spot for your garden, examine the soil. Most vegetables thrive in moist, well-drained soil that’s rich in organic matter. Garden soil needs to be well aerated to promote root growth. The best soil is crumbly rather than clumpy. You might need to bring in some topsoil or amend the soil with compost.

Your garden should be close to a source of water in case there is a dry spell and you need to water your plants. Avoid setting up your garden too close to a tree because the roots could spread. In addition, keep in mind that it is easier to garden on level ground than sloping ground.

Plan the Plot and Plant the Garden

Make a list of your favorite vegetables and consider the amount of produce that each plant can produce. When you’re starting out, stick with early-harvest vegetables that are resistant to diseases. Crops that are easy to grow include peas, beets, onions, and zucchini squash. Space plants in your garden according to the instructions on the seed packets.

It’s best to prepare a garden plan on paper. Plant in single-wide rows, staggered rows, blocks, or raised beds and include permanent paths. Be sure to plant tall crops on the north side of the garden, so they don’t block sunlight for low-growing crops. Use stakes, trellises, and other supports to grow twining crops like cucumber and tomato vertically and maximize the use of space.

It takes many hours to prepare for gardening season and get your garden ready, but it is well worth the time and effort. Eventually, it will be time to harvest your delicious garden vegetables. You’re sure to enjoy the experience of biting into fresh, crisp vegetables that you grew right in your own backyard!

Homes for Sale in Hilliard, OH

If you’re looking for homes or condos for sale in Columbus, Ohio, get in touch with Rockford Homes today. We’re a trusted, family-owned homebuilder and have been offering homes and condos throughout Central Ohio for over 25 years. Our homes are energy-efficient and built to the highest standards. Contact us today for more information!

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Cottage Grove Short Sale Homes

4534 Vilas Rd, Cottage Grove, WI 53718 - $179,000

Three Bedroom Short Sale Ranch on Large Rural Lot

Wonderful rural property with country view out front window. Large living room, formal dining room and original hardwood floors. Newer tile in bathroom with updates. Don't miss out on a great deal. Short Sale. All offers subject to seller's bank approval.


Property Highlights

  • 2 Car Garage
  • Large Rural Lot
  • Ranch
  • Fireplace
  • First Floor Bedroom
  • Short Sale Opportunity

Cottage Grove Short Sale Realtor


  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Home Size: 1608 sq.ft.
  • Garage: 2
  • Lot Size: .42 Acres
  • County: Dane
  • Property Type: Single Family Home

Click here for additional homes for sale in Cottage Grove: Cottage Grove Wisconsin Homes for Sale


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