Short Sale Agent Training 13+ Hours Of Training - $197


Taught by Wendy Rulnick and Bryant Tutas

12433916279?profile=originalThis sound familiar? You’ve never had to deal with a short sale in your life – until a few years ago, when foreclosures became so common it was rare that you had a seller without one. Now you can no longer avoid short sales.

So you sign up and get your CDPE and your SFR designations. Maybe you have even closed on dozens of short sales. But still...........'re missing something. You are struggling when it comes to dealing with the lenders. You're stressing out over your transactions. And no one seems to be able to tell you how to do it quickly, with no stress.

Well, except us.

Short sales are the new norm. They’re often treacherous, and they can be extremely painful for buyers, sellers, and agents alike.

But they don't have to be. We’ve spent years figuring out how to make short sales less painful all around. You need to know how to handle a short sale, and we’re more than happy to share everything we’ve learned the hard way – so that you can learn the easy way.

This training series walks you through an entire short sale, from the very moment you realize you need one to the final signature on the deal. We’ve included every single trick, technique, and time-saver in our book to make short sales easy on you and on your seller.

You’ll have all the time in the world to learn at your leisure, too, with audio files, Q&A sessions, worksheets, and sample documents. Learn how you want, when you want, the way you want.

Ready to get rid of Short Sale stress and get yourself into Short Sale Superstardom?


"This is by far the best step by step instruction that I have received in my over 10 years experience in real estate" Petra Norris, Lakeland FL

What Do You Get?

· Two Experienced Practicing Short Sale Brokers, renowned in the short sale industry, walk you through an entire short sale from start to finish

· 13+ hours of easy-to-follow teleseminars along with insider tips and secrets for an extra edge

· All the forms, approval letters, and sample documents you need for your next short sale

· mP3 audio files of all seminars so you can listen at your leisure or refresh your knowledge later

· Q&A for as long as you need to get all your questions answered - unlimited access

We’re here to help you. We’ve been dealing with short sales for several years, and we know it can be rough on homeowners and agents alike. We want to make sure this process is as easy for you as possible, and that starts with getting you the education and short sale training you need to make the right deal.

The best part? It’s only $197.You'll get to listen in as two short sale industry experts walk you through the process of making a short sale happen, and then get the extra support you need, when you need it, by having direct access to Wendy and Bryant via

That's 13+ hours of training for one low price– and a real bargain at less than $15 an hour for the best consulting on short sales available in the market.


"Thanks for sharing your joint experience in the minefields of Short Sales, the web forum, and all you have done. The training has been fantastic. I look forward to sharing with you and the charter members as well. This will be an awesome resource site for all of us as we work through the Short Sale maze. Short sales will be around a long time and there is great opportunity for all. The seminars have been fantastic." Don Duft, Realtor, Virginia

What Do We Talk About?

If you’re wondering exactly what we cover in each of the short sale training sessions, here’s a quick layout of what we’ll talk about and the specific strategies you’ll learn:

ALL training seminars. (Audios are 45-90 min each)
  • Why a Short Sale?
  • Qualifying The Seller
  • Pricing and Marketing The Property
  • Negotiating Techniques 1
  • HUD1 Tips
  • Escalation and Communication Tips
  • Disputing Bad BPOs
  • Cash Contributions and Prom Notes
  • Negotiating Junior Liens
  • Lead Generation
  • 10 Short Sale Mistakes
  • VA, HAP and FHA
  • Getting Short Sales Closed

Additional Benefits

  • Short Sale Listing Package
  • Expired Listing Letters
  • Lis Pendens Letter
  • FSBO Letter
  • Sample HUDs
  • Sample BPO Disputes
  • You will become a "Featured Member" under "Find Agent" for leads
  • Private Member Forum
  • Direct Access to Wendy and Bryant For Short Sale Help

****After the Training is delivered to you please be sure to join so we can activate your membership into the Advanced Training Group. All course materials are available in that group as well for easier access. This is also where you will get your continued support from Wendy and Bryant.

Start to finish, the perfect short sale. You’ll receive audio files of the course so you can listen to them as many times as it takes for you to feel comfortable that you can pull off a short sale as perfect as ours.

We know you can – all it takes is a little training, and the help of a few seasoned experts.

Becoming a Short Sale Superstar is just that easy.


"Both Wendy and Bryant's presentation skills are fantastic and between them they have a wealth of experience with short sales. Thank you Wendy and Bryant I really appreciate all your hard work and help in mastering the intricate details of short sales.Best wishes" Sharon Senger, Sharon Senger & Associates

Who Are Your Short Sale Instructors?

Wendy Rulnick

Wendy RulnickWendy Rulnick is a licensed Real Estate Broker for over twenty years, and has sold hundreds of short sale and pre-foreclosure properties. She has been featured in Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine and Florida Realtor Magazine as a short sale specialist Wendy also teaches Short Sale seminars and has developed a special agent training and resource site with her business partner, Bryant Tutas -

Bryant Tutas


Bryant has been in Real Estate for 18 years and is the Broker/Owner of Tutas Towne Realty, Inc located in Kissimmee FL. He is also the co-founder of Short Sale Superstars and co-broker of REGrow, LLC. Negotiating Short Sales is the cornerstone of his business. He does it often and he does it well.

We know firsthand just how rough the short sale process can be on sellers, and we’ve been working for years to fine-tune a process that’s easier on them – and on us.

Now we’re making it easier on you. We’re just that kind of people.

12433916852?profile=original"Thanks so very much for all the wisdom, and Relaxed atmosphere. I love listening to yours and Wendy's conversations. I feel like a fly on the wall!! " Ginger Moore, Gastonia NY

What If I Don’t Like It?

Then you get your money back. It’s just that simple. We know we have the knowledge that helps you become a short sale superstar, but if you don’t feel the same for any reason, then we’re happy to refund your money. We want everyone who takes this course to feel they got their money’s worth.

After we refund your money, we’ll ask you how we can improve for others. We’re that devoted to making sure this is the best training course on short sales out there.

Ready to become a Short Sale Superstar?


Taught by Wendy Rulnick and Bryant Tutas



"Your webinar was very impressive and informative. I feel that it didn't come across as a lecture, but good and clear conversation. The short sale is a very complex process, but you have made it much clearer and there was a lot of useful information." Richard Barton Real Estate Investor England

"I have signed up for your class and I have to say it is very helpful. My current focus is working with buyers and this really helps me understand things from your (listing agent) perspective and I am sure it will help me seek out the “good short sales” for my buyers. I wonder if you could create a designation like “Short Sale Expert”? You could even have it endorsed by ECAR or FAR. I will certainly write a letter of recommendation for you." Clayton Bonjean, Realtor, Destin FL



"I've enjoyed having my morning coffee with you every Saturday for the past 5 weeks as I listened in and tried to absorb all you had to offer. What an amazing gift you and Bryant are giving - the experience that you share is of such great value and I'm so grateful to be in your circle. I've learned to not be afraid of this process and begin embracing the possibilities. As you mentioned, I think short sales are here to stay for a while. Also, I've really appreciated the personalization of your setup and how you were able to answer our questions.I’ve completed lots of training but feel yours was most valuable in your method of approach and delivery. The dialogue made it feel like I was in an actual brick and mortar classroom with real live scenario" Wendy Weber, Realtor, Scottsdale, AZ

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  • Bryant - It was awesome to get the latest feedback from a member who took the training!
  • I have just ordered your training class. How long will it take to receive the invitation to join the website? I do want to get started ASP.
  • ordered the trainning class, but I dont know how to download it now, please help.
  • Nick, I also have not taken the NAR Training.

    Out training is basically Wendy and I have a conversation. We walk you through a short sale transaction from beginning to end. I think it's awesome but I guess I could be a little biased :) We'd love to have you check it out. If you don't feel you get your money's worth let us know and we'll give it back to you. No problem. To date no one has taken us up on the refund policy.
  • Hi Jo. The entire training series is on it's own private website. You will get an invitation to join. Once there you will have access to 5 MP3 files. All you have to do is click on a link and they will play. You can also save them on a disc, your computer, thumb drive or any MPS player (iPod, IPhone etc....)

    The course materials and the Short Sale Listing Package are PDF files.

    And of course if you have any issues at just give me a call and I'll walk you through it.
  • When I order will there be directions given to me on how to download? How do you deliver the "Listing Pack"? Is that still included in the webinar? I really am looking forward to this. TIA
  • Thanks Wendy... I appreciate the input... I just want to hit the ground running!
  • Nick - I am piping in and I am sure Bryant will. I have not taken the NAR course. I can tell you that the course Bryant and I offer is like listening to two hard-working brokers talk about exactly what to do to get your short sales approved. That's me and Bryant, by the way!
  • Hi Bryant! I've made my bones as an REO listing agent in the last few years but I'm looking to Short Sales as REO inventories continue to decrease. I've been looking into NAR's SFR designation for which the one full day course is $99 and NAR is waiving the $175 app fee until March. How would you compare your course with that particular one. I'm not crazy about designations so that's not a deciding factor for me. I just want the most powerful knowledge and insight of getting them closed. Thanks!
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