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Corona Short Sale Agents

Corona Short Sale Agents

Are you considering short selling your Corona house or property? Are you unsure where to start? The first step to successfully short sale your Corona home is to find the right Corona short sale agent.

What is the right Corona short sale agent? The right Corona short sale agent is competent and experienced in the real estate short sale process. We can give you the best case scenario and advise you on how to avoid the many pitfalls of a Corona short sale.

So let's get started. Call us now at (888) 9-List-It. That's (888) 954-7848.

Together we can help you avoid foreclosure, get out from under that smothering mortgage, and get your family back on track!


Call Now: (888) 9-List-It.

That's (888) 954-7848.


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We would like to introduce you to our home buyer specialist, Bethany Alexander, Realtor® serving the Oregon, Wisconsin area!

Dane County WI Real Estate
"I am excited to be a part of the Rock Realty team to help expand their services throughout Dane County. I am originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, but have lived in Oregon Wisconsin for the past 20+ years. As a long-time resident of Oregon and an Oregon High School graduate I have an in depth understanding of the area which will assist me in helping you to select a home location that best suites your family’s needs."
"As a Rock Realty real estate agent, I use the latest tools available to help advertise, broadening the range of qualified buyers for your property. It is my top priority to educate and help guide you through the exciting and sometimes stressful process of buying or selling a home. I truly care about my clients and their needs and will work hard for you to ensure that your experience with buying or selling a home is as simple and stress free as possible. If you are looking for a Realtor® to put your individual needs first, look no further, call me today to discuss what I can do to help you with your real estate needs."
If you are looking to buy or sell anywhere in Dane County, I'd love to help!
Bethany Alexander
Real Estate Agent/Realtor®
608-212-4101 (cell)
Search the MLS via my site:


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1Side-e1357247834912.jpg?width=300We are happy to announce the closing on another one of our short sale listings, this time in Oxford, WI! This was an Associated Bank negotiated short sale. Short sale transactions can be complex, but if you have an experienced Short Sale Realtor® the process is much more manageable.

This was a fantastic log home with acreage, at a great price! The new owners are sure going to enjoy all 38+ Acres! If you are thinking of selling or buying a short sale home in Wisconsin, our short sale specialists would be happy to assist you. Give Rock Realty a call at 608-921-8536. (We are a full service real estate brokerage.)

Is a Short Sale right for my situation??

If you are considering the possibility of a short sale for your home and have further questions, feel free to visit the page below:

Is a Short Sale right for My Home?
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Good morning Superstars,


Here's a sampling of this week's superstar discussions.


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Will investor ever deal directly with the shortsale buyer and hold paper

My buyer likes to think outside of the box. He's in escrow on a short sale and asked me if it's possible to go directly to the investor an…

Started by Thalia Poulos

120 hours ago
Reply by Wayne Brooks

Do FHA Short Sale Limits Buyer Closing Cost to 1% ALWAYS?

I represent a buyer using VA loan. Short sale seller has FHA loan, but list agent says only 1% allowed for my buyer's closing costs. I th…

Started by Frank Biganski

Reply by Kevin - Greenville, SC

Section 8 Tenant in Duplex being short sold!

Does anyone have a clue if a section 8 tenant will be eligible for relo money in an investor short sale? 1st lien BoA 2nd Lien Chase-proper…

Started by Ann E Richardson

Reply by Ron Scribner

We just found out that our seller has a restraining order going on in Maryland District court

Does anybody know if this is a serious issue when it comes to selling a house? Can the seller actually sell the property?Seller is alone in…

Started by Patricia Bravo

Reply by Patricia Bravo

US Bank Escalation Contact Needed

Who can I call? The negotiator repeatedly escalates to his supervisor to no avail. Property with SS package and offer sent in. Can't eve…

Started by Linda Cadotte

Reply by Ron Scribner

Wells Fargo Short Sale - About to enter foreclosure status next month - Need Advice

Wells Fargo short sale but seller contacted me too late... was already 4 months behind in payments. Property has been on market since Marc…

Started by Frank Biganski



13 Training Sessions

$25 Each

(Audios are 45-90 min each).

  • Why a Short Sale?
  • Qualifying The Seller
  • Pricing and Marketing The Property
  • Negotiating Techniques 1
  • HUD1 Tips
  • Escalation and Communication Tips
  • Disputing Bad BPOs
  • Cash Contributions and Prom Notes
  • Negotiating Junior Liens
  • Lead Generation
  • 10 Short Sale Mistakes
  • VA, HAP and FHA
  • Getting Short Sales Closed


***Use discount code sss10000 for a $50 instant savings

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Today's market (5/13/13) favors sellers as we have rapidly shifted from a buyers market to a strong sellers market. This means, short sellers are typically in multiple offer situations and now have choices on offers to choose from. So which offer should the seller choose? Let's explore two important aspects of a short sale purchase and sale agreement that should sway your decision.

What type of financing is the buyer obtaining?

Financing is a key factor in determining which offer is stronger. Let's lay it out from best to worst in order:

1. Cash 2. Conventional 3. FHA 4. VA

The problem with the latter financing options (FHA, VA, and others) is that they are very stringent on their inspections/appraisals and often doesn't pass their standard because they are federally insured or guaranteed. Cash and conventional is ALWAYS better even if the offer amounts are higher with FHA or VA.

How strong is their 22ss Form?

What is a 22ss form? The form 22ss is the short sale addendum to the purchase and sale agreement.

There are two lines our team at Seattle short sale blog don't compromise and that is,

4. Termination by buyer - Must check the "may not" box. Meaning, the buyer may not terminate the agreement at anytime prior to notice of lender consent (unless after the time period expires). This is VERY IMPORTANT. A couple of years ago, buyers would freely jump from one property to the next. In today's market, they need to be committed to the short sale especially because short sales take 90-120 days to close and many of them lose that emotional high when purchasing homes.

5. Computation of time - Important to check "Deposit of earnest money," "Inspection addendum," "Financing addendum," and "Title contingency addendum."
Let's take the inspection addendum for example. You can either have the inspection done soon after mutual acceptance (preferred) or you can have it done after submitting the short sale package and obtaining lenders approval. After all of that waiting and submitting, what if the buyer loses interest and/or doesn't like the inspection report and walks away from the deal? Get it done early and solidify that commitment prior to moving forward so you don't waste time, money, and energy.

Not all offers are created equal. Agent's and short sellers must understand the importance of picking the offer that contains a committed buyer over the buyer with the higher offer amount.

Hope this helps


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Good morning Superstars,


Here's a sampling of this week's Superstar discussions.


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Principal Curtailment Payment

Hey Everyone, This is a first for me. We are working with a short sale and there are two loans on the property. The first is a fannie ma…

Started by Freddie Castaneda

1714 hours ago
Reply by Kimberley Kelly

BofA PFS Short Sale / Deficiency Waiver?

I have a BofA short sale... We just got the approval letter. However, we cannot figure out where it waives the deficiency. When I ask BofA…

Started by Matthew Jeschke

Reply by Kevin - Greenville, SC

Franklin Credit Management Help

I just got an approval letter from Franklin, 2nd lien, saying that they will only release the trust/lien, but will reserve all the rights t…

Started by Trong Dang

Reply by Ron Scribner

Junior lender declines HAFA approval

We have had a lot of recent success with our short sales, but we have just now experienced first hand, the drastic changes coming to our pr…

Started by Erik Larson

Reply by Ron Scribner

4 Liens and no cooperation...

Short sale with four liens: BOA first will only give second 734 will not budge SLS second Demanding 1500 will not budge One credit card wit…

Started by Dawn Maloney

Reply by Dawn Maloney

Secret Appraisals

This is a great article that I have read and re-read. Kudos to Bryant Tutas for writing and sharing it. From "Short Sales Are Serious Busin…

Started by C. McBee

Reply by Bryant Tutas

Updates on Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Inflated Value Issues

Just looking for any input on others experiencing the Fannie & Freddie inflated value issues. Any recent updates or solutions? I have…

Started by Raymond Kennedy

38on Friday
Reply by Kevin - Greenville, SC

VA not responding to Chase

Chase picked up a loan the first week of March from Met Life. We turned in a full package the first week of March as soon as Chase assigned…

Started by Holly Jessop

4on Friday
Reply by Kevin - Greenville, SC

FHA and Chapter 7

Good morning Superstars, I am working a short sale where the seller's moved out of the home and are renting a home for cheaper than their…

Started by Marlon Rankine

Do You Need More Short Sale Listings?

Short Sale Superstars wants to make generating Short Sale leads easier for you. So..... is a FREE one hour course on Short Sale Lead Generation that may help you.

Let's make 2013 a banner year for Short Sales. Together we can help a lot of folks avoid foreclosure.

1on Thursday
Reply by Brian Avery
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We received this question recently:

Hi Broker Bryant,  I'm in the process of doing a Short Sale on my home. My husband is on the deed but is not on the loan. After we do the Short Sale can he buy us a house using only his credit  for the mortgage?”

Well that’s a good question. The answer is.........I doubt it. At least not for a few years. Since he is not on the loan his credit will not necessarily be affected. However, in the new lender’s eyes, because he is on the Deed, he will be “Guilty by Association”.

This is because the property you did the Short Sale on was your “Marital Home”. He may not have been on the loan but he was an owner. He reaped the benefits of ownership and he will also suffer the consequences of the default.

The default will not show up on his credit but......the new lender will do a check on his last place of residence and his ownership of the property will show up. AND the property will show up as being sold as a short sale. “Paid in full for less than the full amount”.


Time Frame For Getting  A New Mortgage

  • Mortgage program lending guidelines after a short sale depend on the lender. For loans that are federally backed, such as those from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), you'll have to wait at least two years from the short sale before you regain eligibility. That's as long as you were current on your old home loan. If you weren't, eligibility could take as long as three years. Private lenders, of course, are free to set their own time requirements. Read the full article.

Of course I am NOT a mortgage professional. This information is based on my research. Run this by your mortgage professional.

Upcoming webinar:

 Times are getting tough again for many agents.  Right now there are countless short sale and distressed property "experts" out there competing for only a handful of listings.  On this one time, Live webinar, Mike Linkenauger of the Short Sale Specialist Network and Bryant Tutas of Short Sale Superstars will  discuss and SHOW YOU, step by step, how to generate real estate leads consistently and easily through blogging and search engine optimization.  Mike has directly generated over 170,000 real estate leads online over the last few years alone!  Don't miss this chance to discuss blogging, online lead generation and how to get a greater share of the limited number of listings out there right now with both Mike and Bryant!  At the end, they will answer any questions you may have.  It will last approximately 45 minutes and is a one time event.

Bryant Tutas (Short Sale Superstars / Tutas Towne Realty)

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The corruption of the banks continue here still in Las Vegas! Us Bank approved a short sale after 8 months of gruelling work only to delay in approving the final closing Hud ( nearly two weeks ago).  The Presidential office now inform me they are rescinding the agreement as they state the seller makes too much money!  This after they already approved sellers based on pay stubs and current tax years.  Anybody else have a similar experience?  We are starting the fight and intend to expose these crooks.  Complaints to our local congress and OCC  are in tow.  Any intelligent suggestions would be appreciated.

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Do You Want More Short Sale Leads?


Good morning Superstars.

We have had several members ask us about our referral program.’s how it works.

Short Sale Superstars receives requests from sellers and buyers needing assistance. These referrals are sent out in a group message to our Advanced Short Sale Training Group members first. Becoming a member of this group requires going through our Advanced Short Sale Training. The cost is $147.00 for a 2 year membership and 13 hours of training (audio). Click the link above for more details.

If we do not have an advanced member in the area needed we then send out a group message to the members of the Referral Group. Joining the Referral Group is free.

If there is still no one available to assist we then send out an email to all members of Short Sale Superstars. Also free.

Currently we charge a 20% referral fee on properties that sale for $100,000 or more. Referrals are paid to REGrow, LLC a Florida Licensed Real Estate Brokerage. REGrow, LLC is the owner of Short Sale Superstars.

So.....are ready for some referrals?

Do You Need More Short Sale Listings?


Short Sale Superstars wants to make generating Short Sale leads easier for you. So..... is a FREE one hour course on Short Sale Lead Generation that may help you.

Let's make 2013 a banner year for Short Sales. Together we can help a lot of folks avoid foreclosure.

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Brother wants Referral Commission

We have this situation.
Seller is not an agent but wants to short sale his home here in Tehachapi.
Brother to seller is a licensed CA realtor and wants a commission referral.  Is he allowed to get the commission or not due to the arms length stuff?
Lola traylor REMAX
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Ok it looks like I will lose this argument for now and will comply with the last minute demand by Chase that the commission is reduced to 5%. I have not had to do this before. Mostly lucky I guess that they have been Fannie or Freddie short sales. The negotiator on this file made the thinly veiled implication that a file has to be closed if it cannot move forward because of compliance issue. She did not come out and say it of course that acceptance of the offer is subject to agent’s reduction in commission. Sadly the seller is going through a divorce with 6! Kids……seriously. So I am not going to risk the negotiator sending the file back to the beginning in Equator. She can do that you know. Chase is new to Equator I believe since November and it is a sad thing to see and experience. They are totally dysfunctional.

So does anyone know specifically where you can get a copy/metrics for Chase bank owned short sale guidelines?  I mean owned and serviced by Chase alone. Not a HAFA. A straight up traditional short sale that is bank owned. This started out as a Washington Mutual loan…and they say there are new guideline for them since last November....


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Short Sale SchemesA real estate short sale is a type of pre-foreclosure sale in which the lender agrees to sell a property for less than the mortgage owed. Short sale fraud consists of false statements made to loan servicers or lenders that take the form of buyer or seller affirmations of no hidden relationships or agreements in place to resell the property, typically for a period of 90 days. One of the most common forms of a short sale scheme occurs when the subject is alleged to be purchasing foreclosed properties via short sale, but not submitting the “best offer” to the lender and subsequently selling the property in a dual closing the same day or within a short time frame for a significant profit. Reverse staging and comparable shopping techniques are currently being used by fraud perpetrators in the commission of short sale frauds. The fraud primarily occurs in areas of the country that are experiencing high rates of foreclosure or homeowner distress.Industry participants are reporting that short sale fraud schemes continue to be an increasing threat to the mortgage industry. A recent CoreLogic study indicated that short sale volume has tripled from 2009 to 2010.49 In June 2010, Freddie Mac reported that short sale transactions were up 700 percent compared to 2008.Industry sources report that in the process of committing short sale fraud, fraudsters are manipulating the Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) and MLS; engaging in non-arms-length transactions;50 using LLCs to hide their involvement in short sale transactions;51 failing to record short sale deeds of trust; using back-to-back and multiple real estate agent closings; selling properties to an LLC or trust months before the sale;52 selling the property to a family member or other party the fraudsters control and deeding the property back to themselves; engaging in escrow thefts, simultaneous double sales to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and failing to pay off the original loan in a refinance transaction; property flopping;53 bribing brokers and appraisers; refusing to allow the broker or appraiser access to the property unless the fraudster is present; providing their own comparables to the appraiser; taking unflattering photographs of the property and pointing out defects in the property to the appraiser;54 providing false estimates of repair, rebuttal of appraisal, and selection of poor comparable properties;55 and facilitating the partnership of attorneys with non-attorneys to split fees acquired during short sale negotiations.56As reported in April 2013 on the FBI's official website:
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Ok so how about some feedback on this one.  I listed a short sale that was originally a WaMu loan and the seller is getting 20,000. Beside the point of course but here is what happened. I submitted an offer by way of Equator and after the appropriate time for it to ferment, they finally made a decision and accepted the short sale with payment of a customary 6% commission. This was a written approval letter folks from Chase. Well the offer than fell apart and buyer walked. I than submitted another offer within a few days on the property for 4,500 dollars more than the previous offer, ok also beside the point I suppose, but here is what the new negotiator did. Sent me an email and said they could only pay the 5% commission on this traditional short sale. It is bank owned. No it is not a HAFA and no it is not a Fannie or Freddie investor…….but what it is, is a short sale offer that follows a prior offer less than 30 days ago where Chase accepted and approved in writing to pay 6% commission.  At this point I have said no.  Now I just got an email from the file owner in Equator that said if I am refusing to comply than she has to close the file….thoughtful comments and personal experience from anyone here?


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Good morning Superstars.


Here's a sampling of this week's Superstar discussions.


DiscussionsRepliesLatest Activity

Nationstar forced us to use Auction.scum and now accepting a lower offer than ours by $25K

We too were forced to use auction.scum by Nationstar bank. After the 72 hour turnaround time for Nationstar to make a decision and get bac…

Started by Raquel Alberty

Reply by Ron Scribner

Anyone have any advice?

Have a short sale that is going on forever. We got the listing in Feb 2012. Got a buyer within a month. April the negotiator sent a respons…

Started by Bonita (Bonnie) Seide

Reply by Brian Avery

Seller says no to Short Sale Offer

I'm new to short sales and I am representing and investor that placed an offer of $1.2M towards a short sale property listed at $1.9M. Why…

Started by Dennis Williams

Reply by Wayne Brooks

BSI Financial Services Inc.

Anyone have any experience with BSI Financial Services Inc.?

Started by CJ Wright

1on Thursday
Reply by Brian Avery

BofA-FHA Question

Hi superstars! FHA short sale...BofA states they are no longer allowed to order 2nd appraisals, after the first one has expired (it was c…

Started by Corinn

1on Thursday
Reply by Kevin - Greenville, SC

Chase changed locks

10 days after closing a short sale, I recieved a call from a preservation company that they had orders to change the locks. I told them the…

Started by Jill Slyter

Reply by Dirk Jeanis

BOA/HUD SS approved after a year but inspection reveals major problems

Hi all. I am the buyer of a BOA/HUD short sale that was just approved after a VERY painful year of dealing with BOA. We could never have go…

Started by Liz Clark

Do You Need More Short Sale Listings?

Short Sale Superstars wants to make generating Short Sale leads easier for you. So..... is a FREE one hour course on Short Sale Lead Generation that may help you.

Let's make 2013 a banner year for Short Sales. Together we can help a lot of folks avoid foreclosure.

4on Thursday
Reply by Liz Clark
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Long story short - it's an EQ file ... ONE mortgage with Chase

Chase has had a FMV Offer on file since April 1st

We have met THREEE (3) people at the property who have done BPOs / Appraisals

FC is set for May 7th

They have ALL DOCS and have HAD ALL docs since about April 9th

Chase is saying FNMA must PP the FC - FNMA is saying that Chse must PP the FC - HELP!!!!

I have TRIED to escalate at FNMA and they clsoed my ticket out saying NO BPO has been ordered??????

Chase is saying that FNMA orders the BPO/Appraisals and they SHOULD HAVE 3 ON FILE :)

I have called ALL HIGHER UPS AT CHASE and they send me right back to the set-up girl and her managers from EQ and NONE OF THEM are doing anything except saying that FNMA must PP the FC

FNMA is telling me that Chase CAN pp the FC and that this info is online on the FNMA website yet ALL i can find is this about Service Members ....

CAN ANYONE help me????????????









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12433930495?profile=originalI haven't been listing nearly as many short sales this year. There are not as many upside down homeowners here in the Palm Springs Valley, and that's a good thing!  I have also become very saavy about which short sales have the highest percentage for a successful closing.

New La Quinta short sales coming up next week …

1.  North La Quinta single-family home in the highly desirable community of Bella Vista . One of the largest corner lots which also features a family pool and spa.  Seller is being relocated out-of-state for a job.  The note is with CITI mortgage.

2. PGA West champion for condominium on the Arnold Palmer course.  $307,000.   This condo has consistent rental history and has been well maintained.   Seller has moved out of the country and cannot continue with mortgage payments.   One note with OCWEN.


To view all La Quinta and Palm Springs Valley homes, land, or you equestrian properties … 

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Rock Realty Client Testimonials

"This was a great effort from Mike Collins. He did a super super job with the selling of our home in Wisconsin. I could not ask for more from him as he kept me well informed of things going on and we are 1200 miles apart. He did more than a 110 percent job on everything. Even removing snow and whatever it took to have our home ready to show. Again, THANKS Mike for everything. Great Job!!!!!!"

Phyllis Pearson (Rock River, WY)
Rock Realty Seller Client

Rock Realty Client Testimonials

Thanks for the compliments, and Congratulations on your closing Phyllis!

Read more…

Are you working on getting business today? I am. In fact it's what I do every day. My job is generating business. For any one wanting to work in real estate, as a career, generating business is the number one skill you must learn.

First and foremost it requires work. Not hard work but consistent and persistent work. This means making a plan and sticking to it. Not for a month or for six months but for EVER.

But where do you begin? What activities should you work on?

When in doubt I always go to Google. If I were new to the business I would simply Google "How to generate real estate leads"

Click on the link and there are 4,300,000 results. Don't you think there may be some good ideas in there somewhere?

Here's a list of some lead generating activities you could do today.

  1. Mail out to expired listings
  2. Mail out to 60 day late pre-foreclosures
  3. Call some FSBOs
  4. Start a hyper local blog
  5. Create a website for first time home buyers
  6. Walk your neighborhood and talk real estate with people


......take the bull by the "pair" and figure it out. If you can't figure out this one thing you will NEVER make it in real estate. The requirements to get in this business are minimal. However, in order to stay in this business, the effort required is far from minimal. It requires motivation, a desire to succeed, willingness to learn and the ability to "just do it".

People that are successful in real estate are mostly students of real estate. We live and breathe real estate. It's more than a job. It's more than something we just do when we have to. It's more than just waiting for things to happen.

We are proactive. We figure out what needs to be done and then we do it. We don't depend on others for our success. We read everything we can get our hands on related to real estate, marketing, running a business and etc. Then we implement what we learn. We take action. And we take it every day. Do you?

As always I'm willing to help with any of this. BUT I'm not going to do it for you. You have to take the initiative.

Surviving in real estate requires "growing a pair".

Do You Need More Short Sale Listings?


Short Sale Superstars wants to make generating Short Sale leads easier for you. So..... is a FREE one hour course on Short Sale Lead Generation that may help you.

Let's make 2013 a banner year for Short Sales. Together we can help a lot of folks avoid foreclosure.

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