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Do You Need More Short Sale Listings?

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Let's make 2013 a banner year for Short Sales. Together we can help a lot of folks avoid foreclosure.

Short Sale Specialist Network

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Wendy and I knew we were onto something when we started Short Sale Superstars 3 years ago but never imagined we would one day have  over 13,000 members.


We also have had over 1,000,000 unique visitors to the site. Short Sale Superstars is the most visited public Short Sale Network on the planet.


How awesome is that? My guess is that with your help we have been able to help 10,000s of people avoid foreclosure. So THANK YOU!


As a small token of our appreciation we are giving you, for free, our Advanced Short Sale Training Session on Lead Generation. See below.


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This will give you a total cost of $147.00 for 13+ hours of Advanced Short Sale Training and a 2 year membership into the Advanced Training Group on Short Sale Superstars.

You can find more details here.


As always, Wendy and I are here to help you with your Short Sales. Feel free to message either us through the site if we can be of any assistance.


Now go get some Short Sale listings and help some folks. Hopefully the Lead Generation Training Session will help you to do so.


Thank you for your continued support.

Wendy and Bryant

Lead Generation

  1. Blog
  1. Know your audience
  2. Specific to short sales
  3. Share information about the process
  4. Write articles about your closings. Give details
  5. You don’t need IDX on a short sale listing site
  6. Offer “Free” e-books to get registrations
  1. Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  1. Make sure your articles and websites are key word rich.
  2. Do it yourself or hire a professional
  1. Market to other agents that may not do short sales
  1. Make sure agents in your office know you do short sales and will pay a referral
  2. Attend Realtor events
  3. Let every agent you speak to know you do short sales
  4. Offer to co-list. They handle the seller and you handle the short sale
  1. Mailers
  1. NOD or Lis Pendens lists
  2. 30-90 day late lists
  3. Postcards
  4. Your mailer needs to be about solving their problem
  5. Research the market area
  1. Door knocking
  1. Make it general in nature. “Do you know someone.....
  1. Expired listings
  1. See mailer under marketing letters
  2. Call the agents offer a referral for an introduction.

****Open the PDF below for the complete outline.

Lead Generation Outline.pdf

Marketing Letters


***Use discount code sss10000 for a $50 instant savings


Wendy Rulnick

Wendy RulnickWendy Rulnick is a licensed Real Estate Broker for over twenty years, and has sold hundreds of short sale and pre-foreclosure properties. She has been featured in Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine and Florida Realtor Magazine as a short sale specialist. Wendy also teaches Short Sale seminars and has developed a special agent training and resource site with her business partner, Bryant Tutas - www.shortsalesuperstars.com.


Bryant Tutas

Bryant Tutas

Bryant has been in Real Estate for 18 years and is the Broker/Owner of Tutas Towne Realty, Inc located in Kissimmee FL. He is also the co-founder of Short Sale Superstars and co-broker of REGrow, LLC. Negotiating Short Sales is the cornerstone of his business. He does it often and he does it well.

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