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Should You Stop Making Payments To Do A Short Sale?


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5 Tips in Buying a home | Torrance | Antonio Atoche

Buying a house is a very serious matter that comes in to people’s lives. It is very risky to invest your money in buying just any house you find. You must have some guidelines that can help you decide which house is the best for you. Here are some:

1. Determine your rights

When you are ready to buy your own house, be sure you understand your rights as a homebuyer. Knowing the process of buying a house prevents you from getting scammed. You can personally do your home work or…


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Earnest deposit | Lawndale | Antonio Atoche

You include earnest money with an offer on a house to show the seller that the you are serious about purchasing the house. It becomes part of the down payment if the offer is accepted, is returned if the offer is rejected, or is forfeited if you pull out of the deal for reasons other than those stipulated in the offer. A financing contingency is an example of the latter - if your offer was contingent on getting a loan, and you can't, you can cancel the contract and get your earnest money…


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Why Buying is better than renting | Lawndale | Antonio Atoche

Why Buying is better than renting | Lawndale | Antonio Atoche

There are times when it is better for a person to rent, but most often home ownership has many more benefits and advantages.

About 10 year ago a had a retired aunt and uncle who rented a condo in Las Vegas. Uncle Jim (not his real name) was a retired minister. Throughout his career he and his wife lived in parsonages, which are homes furnished by the congregation while they ministered there.

He and his wife…


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Too often, many homeowners doing a short sale read up on the internet and speak to friends, coworkers, relatives and anyone else whose done a short sale, about how they received $3000 relocation assistance by doing a HAFA short sale.

Sadly...this is NOT always the case. Simply going into the HAFA short sale program here in CA does NOT guarantee you will walk away with money.

Case in point.....First your realtor needs to determine if your servicer(the one you normally make or…


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Selling your home | Lawndale | Antonio Atoche

Selling your home | Lawndale | Antonio Atoche

Your home is undoubtedly the most valuable asset for the vast majority of us and selling it will cost thousands. Using the money saving tips in this article should reduce the cost of moving home.

Estate Agent fees vary, so shopping around and don’t forget to haggle and pay one off against the other. You should aim for 1% commission, also push then to limit the tie-in period to no more than 6 weeks, this gives then enough time to…


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How to sell your home | Gardena | Antonio Atoche

How to sell your home | Gardena | Antonio Atoche

For most people, the prospect of selling their home can be positively daunting. First of all, there are usually plenty of things to do just to get it ready for the market. Besides the traditional clean-up, paint-up, fix-up chores that invariably wind up costing more than you planned, there are always the overriding concerns about how much the market will bear and how much you will eventually wind up selling it for.

Will you get…


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Bank Of america Just approved my short sale in the morning under hafa and just got declined due to servicer release!

This has never happen to me..but i have to blog this out....Today, i recieved a hafa short sale approval letter in black and white and just a few hours later  i recieve an email that states:


Your loan was service released. This means that Bank of America is no longer able to process the short sale. Please contact the new Servicer for additional details and instructions. The new Servicer is Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. 800-258-8602



Aint this…


Added by Daniel Sandoval on August 28, 2012 at 4:11pm — 1 Comment


I just had to share this.


I had just gone to the post office to pick up my mail in the morning, after that I was on my way to my office. When all of the sudden a block away from there, I see an attractive For Rent sign.  It read, "House for rent, 3bed 1 bath and 2 car garage, for $1,100 a month" Considering the area, and the features of the house…


Added by Oscar Escobedo on August 27, 2012 at 2:28pm — 1 Comment

Do I Buy A Foreclosure Or A Short sale? Is It Similar To Buying A Used Car? Which Is The Better Deal?

Many homeowners are now capable of purchasing a home with the all-time low home prices and interest rates. Short sales and Foreclosure/REO properties offer cream of the crop deals that are difficult to simply pass by. If you are looking into the housing market, it is wise to adequately educate yourself especially when looking into distressed properties.

The big question we’ve been getting is, is a short sale or a foreclosed property the better deal? Below is a large pros and cons list…


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This Short Sale Chic Got Your Buyer An Approved Short Sale, NOW He's Waffling?

Most times when agents or homeowners know I have a listing down the street...they can safely say "This chic is about to destroy the values in my neighborhood"...OK, mostly true because of my Short Sales, really...I am just bringing the neighborhood down to it's true Market Value, none the less, I have been called The Grimm Reaper....


But what bites my behind is when I go to bat to get a Short Sale approved, show comps and get a bank to lower their BPO/Appraisal pricing to…


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NEWSLETTER: Short Sale Superstars All Time Top Discussions


Good morning Superstars.

Here are our all time top Superstar discussions.


Discussions Replies Latest…

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B of A short sale

Help! I have been working on this B of A short sale for 6 months and we were to close yesterday. Unfortunately, the buyer's lender could not fund in time so the loan will fund on Monday. The B of A closing agent told me that he will not give us another extension as we have already gotten one and that we will need to start all over again. The buyers, sellers and the agents have all invested a lot of time and money into this transaction. I don't understnad B of A's thinking in not giving us a…


Added by Tracey Saizan on August 25, 2012 at 11:17am — 1 Comment

Blossom Valley Pending Short Sales

Blossom Valley is a hot bed of short sales. It is one of the neighborhoods in the Silicon Valley that has not gone back to the values of 2007-2008. So many of the homes for sale right now are being sold as short sales since the owners have negative equity in their homes.

There are currently 196 pending homes listed as…


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FHFA issues new short sale guidelines

From the Florida Association of Realtors Newsletter.

WASHINGTON – Aug. 22, 2012 – The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced that short sales on homes under Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would get easier after Nov. 1, 2012. It issued new guidelines that help homeowners hit by a financial hardship, moved by the military or held back by a home’s second mortgage.

“The new standard short sale program will also provide relief to those underwater borrowers who need to…


Added by Bryant Tutas on August 22, 2012 at 12:05pm — 1 Comment

Should I Buy A Home Now So I Don’t Miss My Window Of Opportunity?

Rent rates are continuously increasing in our country while home prices and mortgage interest rates have hit unprecedented lows making home buying more feasible. Home buying now would be a great investment if your specific financial situation permits but let’s explore the time frame of this window of opportunity.

Am I losing my chance to snatch me a discounted home?

To be blunt, NO ONE can say for sure where the direction of the market will go.…


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Ocwen Short Sale

Does anyone have any suggestion on how to move at least one foot ahead with Ocwen? I submitted a short sale package on June 18th and have made no progress whatsoever. I have been assigned to a guy that calls me every two weeks from a call center. He barely speaks English and tells me the same thing every time we talk " still in review". I have requested several times to speak with a supervisor and he tells me that it will do no good and never helps me to speak with anyone else. When I call…


Added by Tracey Saizan on August 20, 2012 at 8:37pm — 1 Comment

NEWSLETTER: Should We Suggest To Sellers That They Stop Making Mtg Payments?


This Week's Superstar News…


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What Are Raleigh Short Sales?

Completing short sales in Raleigh NC is one of the most difficult transactions in all of Raleigh real estate. It is important to know that the company and team you hire to complete this process for you have expertise in this area.

We find it beneficial to make sure our clients know what is going to happen throughout the…


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