Bank Of america Just approved my short sale in the morning under hafa and just got declined due to servicer release!

This has never happen to me..but i have to blog this out....Today, i recieved a hafa short sale approval letter in black and white and just a few hours later  i recieve an email that states:


Your loan was service released. This means that Bank of America is no longer able to process the short sale. Please contact the new Servicer for additional details and instructions. The new Servicer is Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. 800-258-8602



Aint this illegal...i have an approval letter and they just took it away...what can i do.. I just got the call from a young lady and she gave me the same information and i advice her and asked her aint this a law suite...she replied, your seller was advice two weeks seller never recieved a letter....And why wasnt the negotiater advice about this..This is bs from bank of america





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Comment by Glenda Sher on August 28, 2012 at 11:48pm

Daniel Hello,

Just had the same thing happen. I was advised through Equator that the file was being released. We were supposed to be closing before 9/10 - Sale date 9/13. I sent auth to Select Portfolio, spoke to a person there today who said the sale is no longer showing and they will honor the approval letter but I need to re send all updated financials and paperwork. My seller was getting $5000 in incentive, so I hope they will do the right the thing.

Good luck with yours.


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