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NS Escalation Form.pdf

NS Realtor FAQ.pdf

NS Realtor Assistance Desk.pdf

NEW NS Authorization Form

NEW NS Short Sale Acknowledgment Agreement -addresses


NationStar is now using Initiate your short sale there. Also the borrower needs to call 877-450-8638 to give financial info.

The nationstar escalations number is 877-343-6386

Short sale dept # 888-811-5281; fax authorization to 972-966-4530

FNMA Loans 866-312-2432 LOA FX 972-459-1611


Nationstar Agent Equator Task Guidelines.pdf


Step 1: Contact us — 1-888-480-2432

FAX LOA to: 469-549-2455

Direct line to Short Sale/Loss Mitigation: 866-312-2432

Step 2: Complete the Financial Worksheet

Nationstar Financial Worksheet.pdf

Agent Guidelines Fannie.pdf

Agent Guidelines FREDDIE.pdf

NS Financial Request.pdf

NS Hardship Affidavit.pdf

NS 4506t.pdf

NS Dodd Frank.pdf


NS Buyer Application.pdf

Step 3: Fax or mail to Nationstar Mortgage

Fax — 1-972-315-6827
Mail — Nationstar Mortgage
Loss Mitigation Department
350 Highland Drive
Lewisville, TX 75067

Discussion Forum requirement - is this even legal?!

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Nation-Star SS process

Started by Ethan Valenstein. Last reply by Brian Avery Feb 19. 2 Replies

I am about to take a listing for a short sale with Nation-Star as the first lien holder. NS told my client that he had to miss 3 mortgage payments to qualify for the short sale; is this accurate? I…Continue

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Nationstar New Policy all Private Investor Own Loans are required to use

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I have spent the last hour and half on the telephone with Nationstar's management in Loss Mitigation. If the loan is owned by a private investor they will require the seller to use When…Continue

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Comment by Neil L. on January 7, 2014 at 12:05pm

Do they require on FHA files?

Comment by Chad Gelsinger on January 2, 2014 at 3:37pm

I am not aware of ANY lender allowing a Short Sale to occur when it violates Dodd Frank. Mortgage Fraud falls in this category. Contact Fannie Mae directly to get their final answer...Good Luck. 

Comment by Nick Curcio on January 2, 2014 at 3:33pm

Sorry Chad, I should have clarified it was a mortgage fraud felony.  I am just wondering if they can';t do HAFA maybe they can do a traditional short sale or something to that affect. 

Comment by Chad Gelsinger on January 2, 2014 at 3:11pm

Nick, I'm not an attorney, but...As long as they qualify under Dodd Frank, you should not have an issue. DF states the crime has to be part of a real estate transaction. General fraud, not part of real estate, should not be an issue. As always though, the Investor has the final word.  

Comment by Nick Curcio on January 2, 2014 at 3:03pm

Can a convicted felon of fraud do a short sale with Fannie Mae?

Comment by Thom Colby CA Brkr 888-391-5245 on December 18, 2013 at 3:46pm

@Dail - "is" REDC - They did a name change a while ago. In fact if you look at the BRE website you will find several other iterations as well.   Also check with CAR Legal Dept as those forms are copyrighted and CAR actively pursues anyone copying their forms without their authorization. 

Best of luck !

Comment by dail kyle on December 18, 2013 at 3:39pm

Thom Colby...Good point. We are researching this both brokers for the listing and selling agents. Will post what we get back as to the direction we are given. And even in the FAQ file that is included in the winning bid confirmation/purchase agreement that was sent to the buyers for docu-signing had a header on it for the REDC logo. I say 'Follow the money' as to what and why they are doing what they are doing. My feeling is that the that is a CA licensed broker and an attorney, may have used some of the boller-plate language from the CAR form and them pasted it into 'his' form(s) as an attorney, and then contracted with for them to use 'his' official paperwork. Now I want to make perfectly clear that this is just my personal opinion and not based on any documents or research...

And right now, our investor for this loan is not Countrywide. It is another bank. We tracked it down with the MERS number. 

Thank all of you for your taking the time to read and to those that even commented on this issue. I know ours is not an isolated issue and we need to keep all aware of the goings on in our business.

Comment by Thom Colby CA Brkr 888-391-5245 on December 17, 2013 at 11:32pm

@Dail - Better check with your E&O Insurer, they may not cover you when not using CAR Forms!

Comment by dail kyle on December 17, 2013 at 5:59pm

Hello all,

There is a VA buyer. We are negotiating on behalf of the sellers.The buyers ended up registering for the bid and 'won' the bid. The winning bid was the amount of their CA RPA- And they have already wired the EMD to escrow per bidders requirement. The winning bid confirmation had as a package the confirmation of the bid (information on parties to the transaction were incomplete/or inaccurate) also had attached the Purchase contract. It was from and was one of theri forms... So we are of the presumption that it is from the broker for ( a Califoria BRE registered broker and attorney per public records) that was generated within these paramenters. It was not on the CAR approved forms. It did have some of the boiler plate language  (copied and pasted???). But it also basically stated to the buyer that they were not going to be charged the bidder's premium (5% add on fee from, and that they agreed they were buying this as where is, no contingencies, just like it was offered on the court house steps. What does that say to the VA buyer. Is the EMD going to be retained (against the VA requirements) and subject to being forfeited. And the removal of all contingencies, inspections and that there was not consideration  of the appraisal. What is the appraisal does not come in at the contract price? Will they be obligated to adjust the price for the VA buyer? Or what?  We are waiting to hear back from the buyer's lender to see if they even feel that they can close on this one with their VA buyer and the non-CAR forms and the regulations that apply to all  VA transactions.  Anyone have any thought? Comments? Experience similar to this and what were your results?  Also, the winning package was sent to the buyers and the buyer's agent and were Docusigned. the Sellers and the seller's agent have not at this time received anything to sign. And the listing agent has communicated with both of the names that were given us via Equator. These persons were not in the send to list so that we could not reply directly to them via the system that nationstar directed us to use. Thank you for your sharing and even the time taken to read these comments and thoughts.   Dail Kyle, Broker, BRE# 01873345

Comment by Demco Law Firm, P.S. on December 17, 2013 at 2:51pm

I have been reading these posts regarding I have not had very good luck with the first one I went through, they did not receive a single offer and then they stated our offer was too low and had to move forward with a value dispute. I have done one that has gone through. When you already have an offer on the property and it goes to the current buyer does not have to pay the premium. They can sign up and bid like everyone else or if they are confident in their offer or cant raise their offer anymore they do not have to do anything.


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