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Chase Short Sale Information


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Call 1-866-233-5320
Call 1-877-838-1882
Call 1-888-369-2301
Call 1-866-222-5920

Fax Short Sale or 866-220-4130 **** NEW FAX March 2014 866-282-5682


Letter of Authorization fax(904) 462-1925 **** NEW FAX March 2014 866-282-5682


New Number for Chase Executive Office Resolution- 888-310-7995

888-310-7995 (Executive office for Chase)


Call 1-800-848-9136 Chase Foreclosure Department
Hint: If you need the direct Number for your Loss Mitigator (Prime Loans Only), just use their extension as the last 5 digits of the number below:

Phone Direct: 858-60x-xxxx

-this>> Phone 888-369-2301 x12345
-becomes>> 858-601-2345

Chase Prime and with Chase Equity(2nd).  Try these numbers for Chase Equity.

Short Sale Equity 1-866-233-5320



866-316-9218 loss mitigation longer hours and weekend hours
Email format

Number to fax HELOC packages to is (614) 422-7171.
Our Commitment to Treating Customers Fairly:
If you feel you were not properly evaluated for foreclosure prevention alternatives or inappropriately denied a foreclosure prevention alternative, or you are concerned about fraudulent servicing practices, or other actions you believe may be a violation of delinquency management or default prevention guidelines, including a violation of policy time frames, please call 1-866-209-1720. We will use best efforts to acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three business days following receipt via phone, e-mail, fax or mail and will strive to provide a resolution within 30 days. We will communicate the proposed resolution to you in writing and next steps, if applicable.


Mail packages to Chase 3415 Vision Drive, Columbus OH 43219

Listing and selling agents must sign under their typed names in the purchase contract.

WAMU (Now CHASE) missing document Fax 206-494-4666

Walk Department (before charge-offs) 866-346-6132

 Recovery Department (more than 120 days past due, charged off) 877-836-3040

Chase Short Sale Forms

**On the package IRS FORM 4506T - Check boxes 6A and 6C and on blank line 6 write "1040"

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Comment by Tony Morales yesterday

Melissa that is not correct  there is no specific percentage. The net is determined by the investor, not CHASE.   Investors have different guidelines on the net they require and they consider more than just the value in their counter. If it is an FHA short sales than they use a percentage usually 88%.  If your property is in a market where prices are increasing then the bank knows that and they want an offer at or near current market value

Comment by Melissa Polce yesterday

Does anyone remember the % to "bpo/appraised" value Chase likes to get, in order to approve a regular conventional/jumbo short sale? Example: offer 650K, bpo came in at 690K, so they "soft countered" asking if buyers would come up at all...think they used to want 92% of value...but possibly 88-90%, anyone remember or have good intel? Thanks

Comment by Wendy Rulnick on October 2, 2014 at 1:27pm

"Highest and Best" in Chase Equator form  by buyer closing costs.. interpretation?

Comment by Brian Avery on September 17, 2014 at 1:54pm

Even though there is a "Motion to Sell"  there is nothing the court/attorney can do to force a short payoff on a second lien. If Chase does not want except $2500 they are not obligated. You may have a problem getting a partial release because typically lenders will not go this route and some states have rules against going after the seller after the short sale regardless of the BK. (California).  If Nationstar goes the HAFA route , which they often do you will have to have a full release on the second lien according to HAFA guidelines. 

I would treat the second as a normal short sale second lien. Try to get a full release. You will have to go through the BK dept to get this done. It is tricky deal. 

Comment by Dianne Slutsky on September 17, 2014 at 12:55am
Chase probably still has it with their bankruptcy department. You may want to ask to speak to their bankruptcy department & make sure they also have a copy of the signed motion to sell. Also, you may want to have the seller's attorney write a letter threatening litigation if they fail to cooperate with the court approved motion to sell
Comment by Patsy Clevenger on September 16, 2014 at 11:43pm

The 2nd is with Chase and Nationstar now has the 1st it was with B of A that's what started the delay in the 1st place when B of A serviced released the loan last year.  They are in a Chapter 13 with a 5 year plan that they are now 4 years into it and have been making payments to the trustee.  We got the motion to sell in May, since Chase has been part of the BK as it stands now on the HUD there is $2500 allocated to go to them since they will continue to receive payments for another year.  The problem has been Chase has just let the file sit and when they assign it to a listassit the file continues to sit.  I've gotten their twitter team involved and the file has been reassigned 5 times.  It's crazy.  It still not with a negotiator.  Nationstar just submitted the file today for approval which I told them is a bit premature since we aren't getting any where with the 2nd.  Even though the social media team seems helpful this process is taking way too long.  I've closed many short sales with Chase and have had to go up the chain before but this is getting to be a joke.  What I need is a lien release short sale approval so we can finally get into escrow.

Comment by Brian Avery on September 16, 2014 at 5:23pm

Is the loan with Chase a first or second lien? Are you asking for a 0 demand or a Short Payoff? 

Comment by Tony Morales on September 16, 2014 at 5:23pm

So is this a 2nd mortgage with CHASE?  who holds the first?  Is it HAFA or traditional short sale? Are you asking them to release with no proceeds?   Also even after discharge of the debt, the lien remains unless the attorney filed a motion to remove it which normally gets an opposition from the secured creditor. I'm in Calif. let me know if I can assist you   I am licensed

Tony Morales

TM Short Sales Consulting

Comment by Patsy Clevenger on September 16, 2014 at 5:13pm

We have the motion to sell have had that since May.

Comment by Brian Avery on September 16, 2014 at 5:08pm

Are they still in the chapter 13? If so the lien would not be stripped until the BK is discharged. At this point you will probably need to get a motion to sell from the trustee. 


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