If you have a homeowner or Seller who has been harmed by Nationstar refusing to work with them/you reasonably on a short sale or loan modification, OR... Pushing them to or through the corporate-owned inhouse Homesearch platform with a detrimental result, I would be interested in hearing your story by email by email sent to Sean "at" CoastRealtySolutions.com.  I am looking for situations where Nationstar has channeled your transaction toward its own profitable end of 5% kickback at Homesearch, and the result caused tangible damage to your client, such as experiencing an avoidable foreclosure, increase of loss with deficiency owed by the Seller, or exposure to a sold-out junior lien holder whose lien would have otherwise been resolved in foreclosure.  Please share your story with me, so we can try to put an end to this syndicate's profit-mongering at the expense of our client's outcomes.

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I tried to send you an email but it bounced back.



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