HUD (1)

Aurora has aproved a short sale but offered the second $0.

After negotiating the second (STCU a small local crdit union) will take  $5K.

The buyer is willing to pay the $5K.

There are additional closing costs that Aurora did not offer to cost, approx $570.

We are having issues as to wher this information appears on the HUD-1.  I am thinking line 409 as a POC for the $5k and I am not sure where the additional closing costs fees fit.

Should the adendum to the purchase and sale agreement be made for the $5570 with the defiency being waived and then increase the purchase price?


If you have any HUD-1's you can e-mail me or fax me giving examples of what has worked I would really appreciate that.  I'll take samples of any HUD-1's you're willing to offer.  I am willing to share what I get minus the person's office and personal client information.

I have an attorney on board but we are having issues getting the answers from the banks as to what will work.


No cover letter necessary.  I am a one person office.


I only have until Januaty 10th to close.


Teresa Simon

509 535 6500

Fax 509 532 8000





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