Begining to take on a Flagstar FHA Short Sale w/CHFA 2nd

Hello - Thank-you already to this community, as I recently fell apon your site, and this will be my first blog post here !

You can see my entire blog through my portal here !

Having been though this mess several times beginning n the late 2007's, it was pretty clear that we were in for the long hall. 

Now, why is it that most agents steer away from "short Sales"? And even still - How come the perception for the consumer is not least not in my area. 

My first Short Sale closing happened in 2008, with a property in Southbury, one town south of our home base of Woodbury, CT.

At that time, I must admit, I was not too up on what and how this thing was getting done. But knew the concept behind it all.

So as I leap forward to today with confidence to rally the consumer, and rally our fellow Realtor - to take advantage of this opportunity to help those that need it. 

It is truly amazing, how even today, if a consumer walks into a bank or home, for either a loan or to apply for a rental - and they don't meet there criteria - its ends there. 9 times out of 10. Our local bankers doing there job? Or should we look at each and every consumer and look to do what would be best for them. We can! And I do. As a Licensed NMLS Originator & Branch Manager, it is our duty to do so. 

Short Sale attempt day one - I head up to the home, spend a few hours cleaning and get picture and show ready. Look at the comps, and make an attempt to see just how and what Flag-star will require. So with some help from this community already, I have my Flagstar "guns a blazing" & ready to "get er done".

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