SHORT SALES ON THE DECLINE...and then there were over 10

I remember writing earlier this year that I had finally gotten to the point of only having very few Short Sales wasn't but 30 days or so later...when out of nowhere...Came A Batch...not just 5 or 6...but over 10...WHAT? What had happened? Where are these coming from? And you know what? They are now Super Powered...what is that you say?

I mean ones that are so far advanced that they still blow me away...Now It seems Banks will wait for BK's to Discharge only to ask the Non-obligated Borrower if they would like to skip going to Foreclosure and participate in a Short Sale instead(WHAT???-YEP)...word to the wise...No matter what I have found that sending everything to the BK Depts. also helps in the Short Sale...

I am also getting the properties with Home Assistance tacked on or Emergency Funds that helped them stay in the house prior to...tracking folks down on these is a bit timely...for us it was almost all done through NC Housing or HUD for the emergency funds...

Those are just a few...Just when you thought we could sit back...Life smacks ya with opportunity(Regular agents still don't want to do Short they toss these files over to The Short Sale Agents "known for getting our hands dirty"-so to say)...

Better watch what you say out loud...Just when you say "I wouldn't mind a few short sales again..."...a lot of folks will hear you...and then it will be a bunch; all at once...Just like the old days... 

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