Anyone need a FREE HUD generator?   One of our members, Maureen Richardson, of Setco Services has a HUD generator on their site.  I use it alot and love it!

HUD Generator

Thanks Maureen!

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Thanks for adding, Jeff!
why would you use this service?  Wouldn't the title company provide you with a preliminary HUD?
Abraham, it is the title company.   It is a quick and easy way when you need a HUD fast, of course, you need to know how to prepare a HUD-1...
Oh ok.  Thanks for the info.  HUD-1's remind me of balance sheets from accounting school.

Thanks so much for sharing Jeff! I purchased a HUD1 Generator that is an Excel Spreadsheet. All of the formulas are there and it works pretty well when you need a quick HUD to submit with your Sellers Initial SS Pkg. However, I love this fillable one. Definitely faster. It's great.


Anna Williamson

Atlanta, GA

This is good to provide a guesstimate and maybe only for FL.  This won't work for CA.


Thanks for posting !


Thom Colby


Newport Beach CA

I created a PDF version of a HUD I use daily. I got tired of using lousy copies and made my own. Contact me if you want a copy.



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