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While it IS possible to have a great "BUTT", eat right and get in those squats, there is simply NO such thing as a great "BUT"!!!!

I could lose the weight.....BUT

I could improve my relationship....BUT

I could get more clients...BUT

I could close more short sales...BUT


Just be honest....start following "but" with this phrase:

"'s just not that important to me"

and watch how it puts things into perspective.

If you REALLY want to make those resolutions happen, start saying this phrase to the people who will be affected if you DID follow through on those resolutions:

"Honey, I could lose weight so that I can live longer, be healthier, be better in bed, be a better role model for the kids......BUT it's is just not that important to me!!!"

"Kids, I could be making more money so that we can live in a better neighborhood, take more trips together, help more people less fortunate than us.....BUT it's just not that important to me!!!"

No More Excuses!!!

No More "Buts"!!

Making A Difference One Post At A Time!!!






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