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PHH Mortgage CitiMortgage

1st mortgagee, PHH is requiring Citi, 2nd Mortgagee to provide Deficiency Waiver. PHH is giving defiency waiver. Borrower is investor recently discharged from bankruptcy. Citi, who is getting the usual $6,000 says no.

Since PHH is not giving waiver out of the goodness of their heart I'm assuming the borrower bankruptcy is the reason. If so anybody have an opinion why Citi is unwilling?

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The real estate downturn of the mid-2000s is mostly over and the market is heating up, with prices rising in all over the U.S. In Wisconsin, the real estate market might be even healthier than in other locales, with new and existing home prices expected to rise 2.4 percent by early 2016. It might just be the perfect time to buy, but before you make any offers, you need to do a little planning to make sure you can pay out over the long run, especially if it's your first home.

Get Your Financial Ducks in a Row

Get All Your Rubber Ducks In A RowDo you have good credit? Do you know what good credit is or the factors that affect your credit? Have you had late payments, bankruptcies, judgments or other liens? If the answer is yes, the first step is to work on your credit score and report. Up until just recently, access to your credit score and full report was granted after putting down credit card info for a "free trial." that you would have to cancel right away to avoid a costly fee. Now, you can access your score and report for free, so there's no excuse for not knowing what's happening with your finances. Your FICO scores are ordered separately, usually for a nominal fee. Check it for discrepancies or old information. Much of the time you can contact the lender directly to resolve these issues. Or, contact the bureau and use their dispute resolution process. Most mortgage loan programs require a 640 score or higher, so fixing errors or having old information removed can make a big difference.

Do You Have Funds?

Do you have money for a down payment or closing costs? If not, how long will it take you to save? Start now. Make a commitment to stash funds away each month to help you meet your goal. Some loan programs are still available for 0% down but watch out for those; if the market should falter again you don’t want to owe more on the home than it’s worth. It also goes without saying that you want to refrain from big purchases that require credit, such as buying a new car, until after the home purchase process is over.

Are You Homeowner Material?

Owning a home is touted as a big factor in achieving the American dream, but it's not for everyone. Ask yourself:

Am I prepared for expenses like home repairs and landscape maintenance? Am I at risk for job relocation? Am I able to stay in one place for three to five years?

Talk to a Lender First, Not a Realtor

Resist the urge to call your realtor first. Instead, speak with a lender or two to find the best program. There are many loan products and even more lending institutions so it's worth shopping around for the lowest rate. A good lender will also advise you on the best ways to protect your credit while you a preparing to buy a house, which might include ID monitoring and credit report monitoring to ensure that someone else isn't using your good credit or your identity while you working on purchasing your home.

Use a mortgage worksheet to keep track of the information you receive from various lenders. It can be a dizzying amount of numbers and differences so keeping them in one place is important. When you are within 60 days of purchasing, your lender will issue a pre-approval letter for the amount you qualify for. Now you can call your Realtor and look for your dream home.

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Can franchising be the turning stone in the financial progress of Australian investors?


Reveal the story behind the over 90% prosperity in the Australian franchise sector and discover how becoming a small business owner developed into a winning strategy for ambitious entrepreneurs around the country. In the past few years, the evolving franchising industry of Australia have accelerated a wave of entrepreneurial minds streaming with great force towards finding success in the world of small business ownership. Franchising campaigns find thousands supporters each year increasing the number of franchising businesses in Australia up to 1180 in comparison with the 693 franchise systems which have been registered until 1998.

With over a little less than 100% prosperity in the sector and sales turnover estimated in more than 131 billion Australian dollars, buying a franchise has become a top preferred strategy by businessman across the country. Expanding Your Ideas Yet, not all franchising initiatives end with a rate-busting profit. According to the 2012 Australian Franchise report, a top challenge for the franchising sector of Australia continues to be maintaining standards in system processes. Without a proper strategy of success, most startups are doomed to failure. Exceptions can be made for enterprises working in the top industry categories such as retail trade, accommodation and support services, such as aged care and home cleaning franchises. The inexhaustible capacity of these markets offer 96% return of the investments for a short period of time. Becoming a franchisee is a journey of the entrepreneurial mind which reflects the transit of innovative business ideas to the railhead of success.

The obstacles which franchising investors meet along the long road of getting their business off the ground, builds a strong basis of experience. With a clear idea, high motivation and a pinch of confidence, the competent and persuasive franchisees will be able to push their startups out of the void of uncertainty which covers the outset period of three to six months prior to setting up a franchising business. Despite the vacillation, which comprises first-time investors and the size of the Australian market, the Griffith University research indicates that industry competition, uncertainty and franchisor cash flow are the least of the challenges which the Australian franchise sector creates for new business owners. Regardless of the 90% prosperity of the franchise industries in the country, one of the biggest challenges for the sectors remains the recruitment of franchisees. Yet, the university report shows a net growth in the franchise systems in the continent of nearly 15%.

The in depth researches and case studies of leading franchisors in Melbourne and Sydney, show the years after the Global Financial Crisis have been perfect time for investing in already established business and buying a franchise. Although, the region of Victoria and New South Wales offers a great number of businesses for sale, investing in retail and cleaning franchises remains a top winning strategy for most Australians. Whether or not a certain business is going to hit top-selling rates is a matter of motivation and innovative thinking. Every business, no matter how small it is, has availability of prospective. The question is, are you willing to give your best in order to become a successful business owner?

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Welcome-to-Wisconsin-300x225.jpg?width=280Home Sales and Median Prices Grow Substantially in March

The Wisconsin housing statistics are in for the month of March, 2015. Here is an excerpt from what the Wisconsin Realtors® Association (WRA) had to say:

The Wisconsin housing market grew substantially in March, with both home sales and median prices increasing at a robust pace over the past year, according to the most recent analysis of the statewide housing market by the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association (WRA). Home sales increased 16.1 percent in March 2015 over March 2014, and median prices rose 8.8 percent to $149,000 over that same period. For the first quarter of 2015, existing home sales were 6.7 percent ahead of the first three months of 2014, with median prices in the first quarter up 7.6 percent compared to the first quarter last year.

The market is definitely heating up, and it couldn’t come at a better time as we move into the prime homebuying season,” said Dan Kruse, chairman of WRA board of directors. In a typical year, about 27.1 percent of homes sell in the spring months between March and May. “The economic fundamentals of the housing market have been good for the last several months, and we were expecting solid growth this spring, but double-digit sales growth is impressive,” said Kruse.

Below are the number of Home Sales and Median House Prices for the state of Wisconsin, Dane County, and Rock County. These stats include Janesville and Madison. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions pertaining to these figures. This month both Dane & Rock County's home prices & home sales increased significantly, year over year! If you are thinking of buying or selling, the market is REALLY heating up! Dane County home prices are up (7%)!, while Rock County prices are up (17%)!!!, year over year.

Housing Statistics for the State of Wisconsin:

March 2015
Home Sales: 5,441
Median Home Price: $149,000

March 2014
Home Sales: 4,672
Median Home Price: $137,000

Housing Statistics for Dane County, WI:

March 2015
Home Sales: 601
Median Home Price: $220,000

March 2014
Home Sales: 505
Median Home Price: $205,000

Housing Statistics for Rock County, WI:

March 2015
Home Sales: 188
Median Home Price: $122,500

March 2014
Home Sales: 152
Median Home Price: $103,950

View my report from last month. Wisconsin February 2015 Housing Statistics

Thinking of purchasing a home before prices or rates rise any further? We'd be happy to show you any homes currently listed for sale. Take a look at all available MLS listings below:

Madison Area Home Search   Janesville Area Home Search

With the recent home price increases, now might be the right time to sell your Wisconsin home. Take advantage of your increased equity! Feel free to take a look at our cutting edge Rock Realty Marketing Plan! If you would like some insight into how much your home is currently worth, we would be happy to provide you with a report that gives a close estimate to what your home might sell for in your current local Wisconsin real estate market.

What's your house worth in today's market?


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