Are there any other Virginia SS gurus on this site? I could use some help on a VHDA SS. VHDA is a tough nut and we could use some help from someone who has more experience than we do with them. We've closed one with them, and it went beautifully, but we are finding that they don't negotiate and their SS terms on their non-insured loans are all but impossible. I am working on 2 at the moment (neither are insured loans--the one we closed was insured, so none of the following conditions applied), and VHDA (who is also the investor on their loans) is telling us they won't pay any buyer CC (but will take a prom note from the seller for them), and will only give $500 to seller toward the seller CC, and THAT'S IT. They aren't paying for anything else but a 6% commission. I have already been in touch with their Dept Mgr, Mary Ana Fulcher (it's a small group, handling only about 300 SSs currently).


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