Short Sale with Chase so far so good..just follow the brick road

I listed a short sale with 2 loans serviced by Chase. CLTV is LESS that 50% of market value. Submitted a CASH buyer and assigned a negotiator in less than 3 weeks. Today, he is submitting my package to the investor. 

We'll see...NOD in May 2012 but nothing posted in public record. Negotiating to include payoff to release an abstract of judgement from a deceased husband over a year ago. 

Scheduled to close AUGUST 30. 

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Comment by Esperanza Agbayani on August 2, 2012 at 2:05pm

Okay!!! Chase approval letter on first and second faxed today August 2 with NO CHANGES! Now....the closing!!!

My buyer says...How did I do it?  ....Properly...I guess only God knows :)


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