Looking for docs & or 3rd party authorization forms for a Citi Financial 2nd ....And any direction on the process with working with Citi Financial as the 2nd with Nationstar.

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Comment by Brett Goldsmith on July 8, 2014 at 8:21pm
Citi Financial isn't around anymore to my understanding and they are now One Main Financial. I don't know if they require to have their own specific package completed off the top of my head as they aren't the most prevalent lender. I'd typically have my own short sale package and authorization completed. I'd also call into the mortgage servicer and request if they require a lender specific package or documents to be completed.

Also ask questions about their standard short sale guidelines and if they participate in HAFA if the file is HAFA eligible. Once you know a little more information about their guidelines and what their UPB you will have a better idea of what their position may be in regards to the amount they may accept as a payoff.

I know nationstar has a new authorization form that recently came out that is required to be completed for the file to be processed through equator.

Hope this helps a little. If you have any questions or need any assistance at any point in time please feel free to reach out to me as my door is always open.

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