I want to be SUCCESSFUL at Short Sales because I WANT TO BE PART OF THE SOLUTION for all of us: distressed home owners, neighborhoods and the economy.

Short Sales are less detrimental to everyone.

Both Sellers, and Buyers, need Real Estate Agents educated in the Short Sale process, trial and error experiences are not enough. We must understand the expectations of the Lenders and meet them.

Sellers need to know there is another solution, other than foreclosure. They need to know there is someone who will help them. I want that someone to be Margaret C. Taylor.

Most families are devastated at the idea of foreclosure and want to do all they can to avoid it. They may be too embarrassed to ask for help. If other options, such as loan modifications are not available to them, or if they have to move, the SUCCESSFUL Short Sale is the next best option.

Buyers need an educated Agent, who does not avoid Short Sales. They need a Buyer's agent who will guide them through the process to a SUCCESSFUL conclusion.


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