A couple of months ago I closed on a short sale with BofA as the 1st and Citizens as the 2nd.  Typical process and timelines.  Citizens got all the client's documentation, had a complete package and submitted the file to a negotiator. GREAT!!!


About a week after, I was told they would be assigning a negotiator.  I received a call on my way to the office.  The negotiator called me to introduce himself and let me know that he was overlooking the file and he needed some updated documents.  Well, like I said I was on my way to the office....driving.  I am not a great multi-tasker when it comes to driving, talking, writing and , uhm, well ...smoking.  Yes, I am a smoker....no comments about the smoking necessary I know it is bad!


In order to lessen the chances of killing myself or others, I pulled over so I could write down what he needed (afterwards I realized I could have just recorded the call on my phone, but I can be a little slow at times).  Here I am thinking I am being a good, responsible adult, I pulled off into the break down lane. I now understand that is a no-no.  


Moments after pulling over, whaddya know, blue lights are flashing behind me!!! I don't know if you call it being pulled over since I was already pulled over, but for a lack of a better name for it, I was pulled over.  


I was on the phone with Chris (the negotiator) and looked in my rearview and exclaimed loudly and in a panic "Shoot (and that was not the word), bluelights!!!!!!"  By Chris' response I am guessing that "Bluelights" is a local thing, because he said "Bluelights?? What do you mean?"

"I am being pulled over!!!!!!! And I was already pulled over!! What the (explative)!?!?!?!?!" 


As politely as could be, Chris started to laugh!! "How about you call me later?" he says.


"Are you nuts!!!! You're a witness!!!!!!' You are staying on this phone!!! Here comes the cop, I am going to put the phone on speaker phone and put you down."


Well, in typical me fashion, I do things without thinking.  The cop approaches my car and asks me if everything is okay, and I responded with "Yes, I pulled over because I needed to write something down."  The cop looks at me rather puzzled and says "What was so urgent that you had to stop?"


"Oh, I was on the phone (and I grab the phone for effect) and I was told that the person I was speaking with needed something so I pulled over to write it down."


The cop looks and says "Well this isn't the correct area to be pulling over, it is dangerous and you shouldn't do it, and also buckle up."


Well.....this is me being me, instead of putting down the phone to free a hand, I decide to free the other hand by flicking my cigarette out the window and at the cop!!!!!!!


Not my smartest move!!! The look I got could have froze water. "And you should really quit smoking to." Then the cop turns to walk back to his car.  Before he could even reach his car I was outta there!!  I grabbed the phone and Chris was in tears he was laughing so hard.  I could not believe that happened!! That short sale got approved and closed a couple of weeks later.


Now here we are in April and I have Citizens mortgage on another short sale.  Driving to my office on Wednesday and my cell rings.....Chris again!!!!  The first question he asked me "Do you remember me?"  Like I could forget him.  Second question "Are you driving?"  LOL!!!


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