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Good morning Superstars.


We have had several members ask us about our referral program.’s how it works.


Short Sale Superstars receives requests from sellers and buyers needing assistance. These referrals are sent out in a group message to our Advanced Short Sale Training Group members first. Becoming a member of this group requires going through our Advanced Short Sale Training. The cost is $147.00 for a 2 year membership and 13 hours of training (audio). Click the link above for more details.


If we do not have an advanced member in the area needed we then send out a group message to the members of the Referral Group. Joining the Referral Group is free.

If there is still no one available to assist we then send out an email to all members of Short Sale Superstars. Also free.


Currently we charge a 20% referral fee on properties that sale for $100,000 or more. Referrals are paid to REGrow, LLC a Florida Licensed Real Estate Brokerage. REGrow, LLC is the owner of Short Sale Superstars.


So.....are ready for some referrals?


Do You Need More Short Sale Listings?


Short Sale Superstars wants to make generating Short Sale leads easier for you. So..... is aFREE one hour course on Short Sale Lead Generation that may help you.

Let's make 2013 a banner year for Short Sales. Together we can help a lot of folks avoid foreclosure.

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