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This week happens to have a very important day in it. This Wednesday is Veterans day. A day when we get to remember our nations heros. It's a day to really think about all we have and the small things we take for granted. For instance, going to Starbucks for coffee, being able to go to any house of worship anytime we like, being able to listen to country music at my desk while my neighbor is listening to rock. These things don't seem inportant but someone put their life on the line so we could… Continue

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At a recent bi-weekly meeting one of our top agents was asked to speak on the short sale subject. Many of us were frustrated and he seemed to get a high number of his through the system. Well, the first thing he says is "lets just get this foreclosure stuff over with and foreclose on all the houses that are obviously going to get posted" A cheer went up from most of us. He went on to explain that if they were all forclosed on then we could just get on with the work of selling them instead of… Continue

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I have had much trouble figuring out that question lately. Who am I? Going into Real Estate and leaving behind a world I've called home for the last 18 years has given me the biggest identity crisis I've ever had. I needed to leave nursing and had a Real Estate license, so why not? But try as I might I haden't been able to pull it all together. Then one miraculous day I woke up and realized that I was going about it all wrong. The depression was from not accepting the inevitable, my nursing… Continue

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WHAT TO DO?????????

I am so tired my eyes hurt and I really just want to sleep without being disturbed for a day or two. I'm at my minds end trying to deal with a cash client. All the other agents in my offoce say they would love to have a cash client headache, maybe, but not this one! He has pretty much tied my hands as to what he wants. He does have the cash, it's verified. But he only wants to lookin three areas and is unwilling to look anywhere else. That would not usually be a problem except he want the… Continue

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