I am so tired my eyes hurt and I really just want to sleep without being disturbed for a day or two. I'm at my minds end trying to deal with a cash client. All the other agents in my offoce say they would love to have a cash client headache, maybe, but not this one! He has pretty much tied my hands as to what he wants. He does have the cash, it's verified. But he only wants to lookin three areas and is unwilling to look anywhere else. That would not usually be a problem except he want the property rented! Thats the problem. When there is a short sale or an reo or the tenants find out their home is being sold the first thing they do is move. So, all the homes in his areas are vacant and he dosen't want to have to find a tenant. I did have one in the area and price range. The owners came to me, I did the CMA, the price was not what they expected so they are trying to decide what it is they want to do. Now, mind you, they HAVE to move. They have no choice. It is a win-win situation. They can stay and pay fair market rent and my buyer is happy. Everyone wins. The husband is not realizing that they will not be able to keep the house in their current situation, but she was expecting more money. Not in that area with the size of the house and the repairs that need to be made. Of course, she knows the house down th

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