This week happens to have a very important day in it. This Wednesday is Veterans day. A day when we get to remember our nations heros. It's a day to really think about all we have and the small things we take for granted. For instance, going to Starbucks for coffee, being able to go to any house of worship anytime we like, being able to listen to country music at my desk while my neighbor is listening to rock. These things don't seem inportant but someone put their life on the line so we could have OUR choice, not the governments imposed choice. Oh. I can hear the natsayers now, but I come from a long list of war veterans. My grandfather was in WWII and then he was stationed in Greenland, my uncle was in Vietnam and so on. I have friends and family members still on active duty. Now, I don't support war, but I do support the troops. I was darn glad to see the improvements to the VA loan last week. I am even more proud to be able to offer the vets a loan program that works and is deserving of the work they accomplish in foreign lands so I can lay my head on a nice soft feather pillow every night.
The response to the loan has been a good one. What's even better is that they don't have to sell their current home to take advantage of the credit. It now enables our vets to build real estate wealth if they want a move up home. I think they deserve everything they have worked for. I heard someone say that they were not heros, they were people doing the job they signed up for and death was a part of their job. That may be true, callous, but true. However, most people are not kicked out of their home if their husbands are killed on duty. Which is what happens when a vet has on site housing. If you lost your home in foreclosure it's your fault. I understand that for some people their were extenualting circumstances, sickness, long term job loss, etc. But, lets be realistic, how many of those people who lost their jobs would consider working at McDonalds? Not a lot. It would be too embarrassing, I understand. But, what was the alternative. Now I'm not here to judge anybody, it's far from me to do that. Everyone has their own burden to carry, I've had my own this year. All I'm saying is that they deserve the same respect that everyone else gets, to date some of them are still on the outside looking in. I think the new improved VA loan is wonderful. I hope a lot of vets find there way to me, because I'm going to do everything I can to hep them get that loan.

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