hi - I'm looking for HSBC contacts - those that are way up at or near the top.  The corporate executive level, CW used to call it "The Office of the President" -

an email address would be great, grateful for phone numbers too.  thanks.

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Try posting in the HSBC Group too.

Where do we find the HSBC group?

Found it. It is 630-617-7000.

Does anyone know if if HSBC allows sellers to remain in a home after a short sale and if so for how long?


I cannot answer that question, but  just closed with them and they were amazing.  IF you have a question...perhaps contact  Diedra Jenkins -- she is amazing!  Her contact # 800-926-8841  Ext# 47050.  If I were you, I would tell her that you are experiencing a touch situation with HSBC and would she be willing to pull up your loan number and assist you --  I think she will !!

Thank you so much!

I have someone that HSBC is threatening foreclosure on them on November 27, 2012. I was just wondering if Diedra Jenkins was able to help Marcy. I know this isn't very long to pull something out of the hat but I would really like to help these people so any information that you would have I would appreciate.

thanks so much!

If I were you I would contact Diedra -- I believe she will help you! Her contact # 800-926-8841 Ext# 47050. She is amazing and I believe she will help you! Good Luck -- they were amazing to work with and I think you just got the wrong person assisting you there!



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