We are very fortunate that we have the ability to perform acts through our body, speech and mind effectively. We will not have this opportunity forever. We must use this to benefit others. Practicing generosity is a perfection. Giving your time and effort to help others without charging fees ranks very high in the order of meritorious deeds.

I work in an industry where I see people facing financial hardships lose their homes, financial and social standing and self esteem, thanks to lenders and loan servicers participating in an economic system designed to exploit others. They cannot afford to hire expensive professional services. The same applies to other industries and walks of life. The needy can seldom afford to hire professional help.

Working pro bono means offering your services for good without charging for it or at highly reduced fees. If you can spare a little bit of time to help others, you can light up their lives. I will participate in any such initiatives whenever feasible.

We are generally very good at advising others but going one step further and actually doing it for someone makes a huge difference. When you are hungry, you need food not a recipe. Think.

I have experience performing the following tasks for the US real estate market participants:

* Reviewing title reports.
* Resolving title issues.
* Suggesting foreclosure prevention strategies.
* Identifying and negotiating liens and judgments.
* Identifying HOAs, negotiating HOA dues and reviewing HOA rules/docs.
* Performing closing agent functions like preparing Escrow docs, obtaining payoffs, preparing Grant Deed/Warranty deeds, Quit Claim deeds, HUD statement etc.

Please add my skills with my details to your phone/organizer so if you need any assistance you can reach me. I will help whenever possible. Similarly, please offer your skills and contact details to others so they can reach you when they need your help.

We are like a store of seeds. Some are good and some seeds are bad. If we water good seeds, compassion will bloom. Practicing generosity we water the good seeds. When we all realize this, we begin to form mindful and enlightened communities.

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