Why Are They Foreclosing When You Have a Short Sale Contract?


One of my short sale sellers called me confused the other day.  We had his Santa Rosa Beach Florida home under contract as a short sale.  The mortgage holder, Bank of America, had approved the sale recently, and we were moving toward closing.

"Why is Bank of America still sending me letters threatening foreclosure of my Santa Rosa Beach home?" he asked, "They've approved the short sale!"

Why would they?  I emailed Bank of America to get their official response. Here is what they said:

"If the loan is delinquent and has entered the foreclosure process it continues, if a sale date occurs while we are working on the short sale we can request postponement from the investor but there is no guarantee of approval. "

What does this mean?  "Sale date" means foreclosure sale date.  Bank of America says they don't stop the foreclosure process automatically if a short sale is approved.  Well, why not? Here is why: What if the buyer's loan is denied? What if the buyer doesn't close? What if the seller changes his mind? There are a lot of reasons why a short sale, or any property, might not close.  If Bank of America stopped their foreclosure process for every instance of short sale approval (or even short sale contract), they would surely lose time waiting for a sale that might never happen.

What is the upside of Bank of America and their investor's policy? They normally will postpone a foreclosure sale within a few days of short sale closing, but not always.

What should you, as a Santa Rosa Beach Florida homeowner, do when you are facing foreclosure?  There are many options available. You can ask your lender for a loan modification, forbearance or a repayment plan.  If that is not possible, and you cannot keep your home, there are different types of short sales available, for example: HAFA, FHA Preforeclosure, Bank of America Co-Op, VA Compromise Sale and many more.  Be sure to consult with a Florida real estate attorney and hire a Santa Rosa Beach short sale agent.  You may be able to avoid foreclosure, and rebuild your financial position and your life more quickly than you think.

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Comment by Jeff Payne on August 19, 2011 at 6:35am

Wendy, good informative post. 
Sameer, I am still trying to find this loss share agreeement with the FDIC.  Which bank was it that Bank of America took over from the FDIC?  I am very interested to hear more about this loss share agreement.

Comment by Sameer Punjani on August 18, 2011 at 8:47pm
Bank of America would rather foreclose than do a short sale because of the loss share agreements they have with the FDIC. Why go through the trouble of a short sale, when you can foreclose, collect 80-95% of the loss on the original balance?  Aren't banks supposed to make money?  But wait, the goal of the company is to increase shareholder value...


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