I am working with an active duty airman who is trying to get approved for a short sale through US Bank.  We have been working towards this since July.  We have the house in contract and cannot get further than the "in review" stage.  We've been through 5 relationship managers and still nothing.  VA is the investor.  Is there anything else I can try.  I've called and spoken to anyone that will help.  The last time the file was reviewed was Jan. 25th.  They did a liquidation appraisal back in August and since then we have had nothing.  They were going to file a lis pendens but rescinded it so we are seemingly ok there. 

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Comment by Christine Lance on February 10, 2016 at 11:43am

He was sent to Korea for a year and then on to England for two more years.  He had renters in the home  while overseas.  Upon return to the states he was stationed in VA and by then the market had collapsed further and rents were down in the dumps so he was losing money each month.  He decided to sell and was upside down of course.  He has not paid any payments on the home in over a year.  They still never filed a lis pendens on him??  VA just acknowledged that their NOV expired 2 weeks ago so they are going to request an extension for me.  I don't know what other stones to turn. 


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