HI Folks!  Please Please Please STAY FAR AWAY FROM STAR FEDERAL! Go to google their name and complaints...tons of realtors will tell u their stories.*Don't believe the 1 endorsement from rip off report...FUNNY, it's from VA...and guess where the rip off guy at this co is from...NY and VA....LOL. The biggest SCAM is H.R. Soltani himself...this Indian dude gives you his cell (202)320-4868  email: [email protected]  They are in New York and in McLean Va area....(703)368-2222. THEY GIVE NO LEADS! Their contract promises a minimum of 4 leads per mo...and they give you 1 or 2 leads, then nothing!  They will string you along. Then another guy calls and says I am so sorry you didn't do anything with the leads we sent you...when it is a joke. They have NO trail of leads they have all the trail of emails, etc...but they WORD an email to you in writing wording it that they gave you leads, and YOU did nothing with them..when they did NOT send any....  period! RUN!   They are the biggest SCAM RIP OFF to come down the pike since ABSREO out of Chicago.  The guy at Star Federal gives you his cell and his name is HR Soltani. And yes, you can speak to him in the beginning to sign you up.  They promise 2 listing leads at a minimum per month. They  pre talk to the customers and promise to send you out on pre qualified customers that want to LIST their homes with you and you go out representing yourself as an advocate from them...etc... you can say your one co...whatever. This is a complete rip off. I have reported them to US Attorney General for RIP OFF and refund. They charge about $500 per agent for the year. It's a joke. I got less than 4 leads from these idiots. And it took like 3-4 months into the contract to GENERATE these so called leads... All these scammers did was scan the FSBO ads for people who wanted to sell THEIR own properties ...PLEASE   I can do that myself. I don't need these idiots! And frankly, they weren't even single family residences. They seem to concentrate on 1-4 unit properties. It is a JOKE!  DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM...they lead you down the path of NO leads for months   stating it takes time to gain SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION for your territory, etc.... it is a RIP OFF>  THey hope that agents after complaining once or twice will JUST DISAPPEAR and they get to keep 100% of agent's money that they sign up. PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY. I am going to be blogging on this very soon in the next couple of days. For they must be on the hunt again cause I have seen several agents ask about them lately. RUN!!!! VERY FAST!!! RUN!!!! 310-429-4170 [email protected]  Anyone can call me or email me for 100% verification.

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