"Short Sale Tip - How To Get Your Voice Mail Heard FIRST!!!♥♥♥

When leaving a message, ALWAYS hit the "#" sign after your message.

Not all, but most messaging systems will allow you to mark your message as "urgent" after you do this.

What does this mean?

When marked as "urgent", your message gets moved ahead of EVERYONE else that called before you, and, is noted as "URGENT" when played back!!!

If the person you are trying to reach has 20 messages, he/she will not only hear yours first, but will also hear it marked as "urgent".


When you call back the second time, and hit "#" again, say this:

"....sorry to be calling you again, but, I was not certain I left you the account number I was calling about on my previous message...."

Gives you a clean and "easy" reason to leave 2 "urgent" voice mails!!!!

If you need help processing your short sales, please contact:

Ben Benita

[email protected]

Toll Free - 855-50-SHORT

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