Short Sale Negotiator Quit.....PLEASE Help


I am a real Estate agent that had a client with a negotiator (she was the CEO of the title company) She became so busy that she basically gave up on our short sale. I have decided to take over the negotiation portion myself and then just use her for title since the buyers money is in escrow there. I have never done a short sale before and will be using Equator as BOA has the first and Chase has the second.

Not that it is what we initially wanted, but I have gotten the seller to agree to remain attached to the second (Chase has not been willing to forgive the loan (250K) with the 50K alloted in the purchase price and BOA does not want to give 50K to the second, they want the whole purchase price)!

SO now I am wondering if I must have the old negotiator (head of the title company) close out her file and start a new one of my own, or if there is a way to reasssign what she has already inputted and worked on to my account?????? Any ideas? Also, where can I find BOA's 3rd party Authorization form??



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Comment by Jim Schneider on December 26, 2010 at 2:09pm
Ps do the same for Chase
Comment by Jim Schneider on December 26, 2010 at 2:08pm
Kimberly, first join the BofA group on this site and read through the posts there. The bank of america short sale help site is posted there too, go there and watch / read what's there. Get a letter of authorization signed by your client and faxed to bank of america, then contact your title person and ask them to switch the contact person to you, this should not require going back to square one.


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