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I am looking for opinions on Short Sale Commander.  Who is / has used it?  Do you recommend it? Do you feel it simplifies your workload?  Any and all advice / opinions are appreciated!!

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Comment by Sam on November 2, 2011 at 7:28am

Bobbie, you shoudld almost never have to print anything if you are operating efficiently (and green of course).  You need to get good PDF editing software and start using an efax service.  With a good efax service, you can fax the packages you generate in commander directly from the email feature.  The package builder is fantastic, I scan in all files individually and lable appropriately, then when you generate the package it is a peicie of cake, and if you have to update docs, you now have them all in the same place and can simply generate another package.  I'll close over 50 short sales this year and have not gone through one reem of paper...when possible, I do not even accept paper docs from anyone, they have to be faxed or scanned to me (except when my clients are tech illiterate), that way I have everything electronically.  I cannot imagine trying to handle a decent number of short sale files and dealing with paper...ouch.

Regarding email, you use your same email, you can send emails from the software (with attached documents) but you receive your emails in your regular email account.

It really is a system that you have to learn and adopt or it is not efficeint, if I was only handling a couple of deals here and there, it would probably not be worth the money or time invested to adopt to the system, however, if you are doing any volume, you must have this or some type of system or you will  start to bog down and spin your wheels.

Comment by Bobbie Files on November 1, 2011 at 3:55pm

Thank you for the feedback. I signed up today.  My initial "playing" with it leaves me with some questions. 1.) If my homeowners hand fill out the doc's, it seems I have to upload them and then print them out again to have them documented (not terribly "green") 2.) It doesn't seem to have the area information to do an automated BPO which is a very time consuming task, did anyone else have this problem?


As with everything, I guess I have a learning curve.  It seems like an additional location to check email and do you handle that? Do you use a special email address for it?


Thank you again for the feedback!!!

Comment by Norvant Admin on November 1, 2011 at 9:36am

I have been using it almost 2 years now. They have come along way with the changes to it. I agree with Sam, I use it exclusively. The task manager is a fantastic, plus i can assign tasks to others from there. I do not however, allow the listing agents and buyers agents access. I know i can, however I like to have free reign in my activity log and do not always want agents to see it. I send out weekly emails to them, that way i can say what i want and have control over the way it comes out. There are some glitches in the system but they are quick to respond and work on a solution. I can not imagine using anything different after this.

Comment by Sam on November 1, 2011 at 7:41am

I changed to it in the spring...overall I am very pleased.  If you are going to use it, you need to go all in and use it all the time, all notes, all documents, emails, etc.  It looses its effectiveness to help manage your files if you are not dedicated to the system...but if you are dedicated to it, you can manage a large number of files and have multiple people managing the same file if and when necessary.


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