Been working a short sale with Shellpoint as the first for over 2 years.  Wells Fargo as the second.  1mil a piece owed on both.  Wells, 2nd removes their lien and will issue 1099.  Shellpoint has been playing games with the file and now on the 4th processor.  Give them everything they requested, for the 12 time, and now tell me their foreclosing.  Any suggestions??

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Comment by Rick Houser on February 10, 2017 at 6:19am

The foreclosure began a while a go.  Im told its on the list for next month but hasnt showed up yet.  I took care of any hurdles with liens.  Borrower is extremely cooperative.  Offer is 545K, which is Shellpoint's appraised value.  They issued an approval letter at a 535K sale price, but then played games with it an revoked it.  

Only issue is the incompetence of Shellpoint.  They only call, no email, and wont even send a fax or send a letter via USPS.  Going tot he press and State Rep today.  

Comment by Brett Goldsmith on February 9, 2017 at 1:31pm

Is there an active sale date or are they only beginning the foreclosure process? Interesting that it's taken 2 years. Any major hurdles with liens, borrower non cooperation, no offer, or anything else that may of caused a severe delay?

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