Selling Short and Get Paid up to $35,000.00 by the Bank, but do you qualify?

This seems to be all over the web these days as real estate sites get the
word out and, there’s a lot of paid advertising on the Google about getting bucks for selling short. The phrases are all about the same: “Get Paid to Short Sale My Home” is the most prevalent.  Also we see the bank’s name inserted in front like Chase paid me cash to sell short, Wachovia Paid me to Short Sale my home and alike.  

Take care, some of what you are seeing is false information; remember
“if it sounds too good to be true”.  Chase bank is offering a program currently known as "List Assist" where if you as the seller qualify Chase may (and that’s a big MAY) pay you up to $35,000.00 to complete a short sale.  

for the Chase Bank short sale program are that your loan must be what
is known as a "portfolio loan”.  Furthermore, it
must have been originated with Washington Mutual and been purchased by
Chase Bank through the acquisitions of Washington Mutual and it must
still be a Chase owned loan.

Currently theses are the incentive I have been able to track down (avg):
Wachovia – 5,0000
Chase - 3,000 to 35,000
Wells Fargo using the HAFA program 3,0000
Bank Of America – 3,000

I could not find anything on Citi or Litton Loan (Ocwen)

If you are looking to short sell you home are want to see if you can
advantage of these payback options let us know.

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