I recently took a CDPE class, and one of the topic's that stuck in my head was interview the listing agent.

I had the misfortune of taking over a short sale for the buyers agent, only to find out two days after my CDPE  class that the listing agent has little to no experience with Short Sales.  Two days after she hands me an Arms Lenght agreement the property is sold at Auction. Buyers are very disappointed.  She has no clue as to what the procedure in equator was or how to postpone foreclosure.

I feel that before you do a short sale you should take some kind of Short Sale training..This is not the kind of transaction that falls under "on the job training". Equator offers one and so does Short Sale Superstars. They are offered at your local Association of Realtors.

I  have been in Real Estate for over 24 years and short sales are nothing like regular sales. The outcome of a short sale affects the Sellers as well as the Buyers.

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