Just got a 1st td approval letter from Indymac, where they have reduced the commission to 5%. Has anyone had any luck going back at this point and getting the commission back up to 6% after getting the approval letter with Indymac?


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Comment by Steve Early on October 9, 2010 at 10:35am
Nope ... not once. And we probably did about 210 short sales last year. I'd be interested in seeing posts from anybody that ever succeed to be sure. The only thing I could think of is increasing the offer so they are netting more. But, of course, what buyer wants to increase their offer on an approved short sale so you can make more money? AND, swell people that they are at IndyMac, there is no guarantee that they wouldn't just take the additional money, never say "thank you" and leave your commission at 5%. Wouldn't that be just lovely?



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