How to Identify an MI Company on a Wells Fargo first lien....

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we would identify the MI Company on a first lien with Wells Fargo?

We would like to speak with them directly but don't know how to get to them.


Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Comment by Jim Schneider on December 31, 2010 at 8:40am

Jeff is right, often ask and you shall receive. Other times they say "we're not allowed to tell you". It's hit or miss, so I'd suggest making a qualified written request part of your initial listing packet. Take a look at Ben Benita's many fine posts on the subject. If you google, "qualified written request" you'll find something, probably originally written for foreclosure defence or forensic loan audits. They try to go fishing and see if the mortgagee screwed up anything to delay the foreclosure. You don't need that, what you need to know is who is the investor, who is the mortgage insurer, contact info for all of those and then the coverage ratio for mortgage insurance.


Then when you make your initial call ask for the fax number and mailing address for the correspondence department (you can often find this on the back of the borrower's mortgage statement). Fax a copy in, then mail a copy via certified mail. They can take up to three months to furnish this information, so you want to do it right away, not when you're trying to negotiate a deal.

Comment by Jeanne Johnson on December 30, 2010 at 9:48am

Thanks Jeff -


I asked the negotiator - don't know if she'll want to disclose - can you also find out on the original loan docs sometimes?







Comment by Jeff Payne on December 30, 2010 at 9:35am
Did you ask Wells who the MI company is?  You may need to send them a written request


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