Fannie Mae Help - contact BS...pardon the language, but, I call'm as I see'm

Quickie -

I had a short sale approval in November 2009 WITH 6% to agents, 3% closing cost credits, and $3040 to the second lien. Buyer could not get financing and pulled out.

Approval letter I got today, roughly 8 months later:

5% to agents

2% closing costs

$2080 to second lien

I have spent a GREAT deal of time trying to learn what the issue is and why the BIG change (Wells Fargo is the Servicer and they had no idea).

Anyone know anything?

Anyone have a good contact at Fannie to at least give me an explanation?

you can reach me off here at [email protected] if yoou do not want to post the contact info. you may have.


Ben Benita

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