Greetings, just wanted to share or vent???? faxed 60 pages with citi's own forms at the head, just as they ask. Called 48 business hours later, was told they werent all in the system to call back. called back next day? lady said only some were there to call back next day. I even gave her page numbers to help her look. so called back next day, 1st man was rude....says they werent there couldnt tell me what happened, to call back. so I called back, FINALLY< got a young man, who wasnt very nice, but very helpful. Said the docs werent there, actually only about ten of them made it. He said he didnt know what happened to them but this does happen. I am aware of this. ( How could you NOT know what happened to them if you work there.. when I was a business manager I KNEW what my company did!!!!!!!) anyway he apolgized in words, however his tone wasnt apology. Then he told me to stay on the line, email himm the authorization, and he would take a look at it. He also told me that the what I was told by other reps wasnt accurate. He did put authorization in system. by this time, I am VERRRRRRRYYYYYY aggravated! so now? I have to fax all docs again, plus this last rep gave me the list again only this time, it excluded a few docs I sent first time, Citi protocol.

Thank goodness we have time on this, as the homeowner hasnt even had papers served yet, however.......would somebody please tell me why we get the run around like this? I UNDERSTAND they get tonsof paperwork, I udnerstand that. however this whole setup process just seems so very unorganized! I had even emailed three different contacts, and received no response! after working several deals that they were expedient with responses, this is just plain aggravating!!!!!! So is there any good info or tips out there on how to get past this slowwwwwww setup issue? or am I just getting a lesson in patience in this part of the process.....ya know, I dont mind delays, have dealt with that in other deals, in this its the lack of organization and everybody telling me something different. This last rep told me that where I was told a process takes hours, it takes minutes., which delayed me even more, because of false info. anyway what say you.......thanks!!!

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Comment by Deborah McGraw-McCormick on April 29, 2010 at 10:57pm
Thanks Bryant! yeah..........already working with a loss mitigator. BPO"s already been done. They did two. On our way......things happened pretty quick, after the last guy I talked with. Yes sir, we must keep a bunch in the pipes....thanks again....
Comment by Bryant Tutas on April 22, 2010 at 12:36pm
Deborah. Sounds quite normal to me. Citi is actually one of my favorite lenders. I usually follow up about a week after I fax stuff in to give them plenty of time to get it together. Did you have the loan number and borrower name on all on all docs? It's also helpful to use an efax so you have a good record of all docs being delivered.

Once they receive the faxed documents they go to another department where they are all scanned (imaged) into the system. This is where the delay normally takes place. It may take them several days to get the documents scanned just because they have so many of them to handle.

What I say is all we can do is our best. Allow plenty of time for things to get done. And most importantly have lots of short sales in the hopper.


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