Can't afford a home inspection???? Then, you can't afford to buy a home!!!

It seems that we've weathered the storm of the foreclosure craze and have experienced a massive pendulum shift in which home seller's can pretty much dictate what they want for a change. Multiple offer and calls for highest and best on NORMAL market sales have become the norm for some markets. All of this is absolutely outstanding.....if you're looking to sell your home.


If you're a buyer trying to purchase a home and keep being disappointed by losing out to some cash buyer whose offering $10,000 over the listed price, then it becomes a different story......

I've noticed an increasing trend of potential buyers who are now making attempts to decrease their expenses related to purchasing a home (outside of the actual purchase price), so that they're able to pay more of their own closing costs or an increased down payment amount.....just about ANYTHING to be able to reach the coveted position of the absolute highest and best offer that the Seller's receive.

There's one particular question that I'm continuously being asked over and over again......"Do we really need to have a home inspection???"


Nothing...and I do mean NOTHING should replace the expense of a home inspector! Not even having Cousin Joe, who has a job pouring driveways for new construction, take a gander at the largest investment that you're about to undertake to "check it out"!!! A home inspection is absolutely VITAL to purchasing a home! Even if you're purchasing a distressed property that's being sold "as is, where is" is your absolute duty to ensure that you're fully aware of what's going on with the property that you're about to purchase.

Trust makes a difference when a large defect is found, after the sale, and you're informed that your homeowner's insurance will not cover the cost to repair. It's the very best deal that you'll ever receive for a few hundred dollars!

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