I have a  short sale signed up out of Tulsa OK for the Bank of Oklahoma. Part of BOK Financial Corp, BOKF, which operates seven banking divisions: Bank of ArkansasBank of AlbuquerqueBank of ArizonaBank of Kansas City,Bank of OklahomaBank of Texas, and Colorado State Bank and Trust

I have searched their site for the better part of an hour, and Bank of Texas which is a mirror of the Oklahoma site, with not a page, paragraph, link, phone number, department or even direct searches for short sale or mortgage help, or RMAs showing up anywhere. Has anybody done a short sale with Bank of Oklahoma, or any of the BOKF affiliates and have their short sale department contact and fax information? Could not find them on our site either. 

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Comment by Jennifer Kinzle on September 26, 2016 at 7:42am

Hi Vincent,

This happens a lot in my experience.  Over time, I've compiled a list of bank contact info, but I don't have that one available.  You'll probably need to go the old-fashioned route of asking customer service to help you find the loss mitigation department.  Sometimes they don't even know!  I would think that such general info would be readily available on a bank's website, but it is very frustrating.  Good luck in your hunt!


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