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I've been having a BOA Short Sale since early August and have submitted everything through AMS.  Appraisal has been done, list price has been determined, but PMI company has not approved it yet.  I've left about 10 messages for my negotiator M. Phillips with no response whatsoever. My equator emails keep bouncing back, so my hands were pretty much tied.

That's when  I took my issue to Twitter, specifically to the BofA Twitter Help Team.  I tweeted my issue and the team responded immediately.  They asked me to DM them my contact info and were in touch with me by the next day. 

Of course I had all of my notes in hand when I received the phone call and the Twitter Team member, Karen Gillies, was more than happy to get things escalated to a BofA Manager, who will then escalate it to an AMS manager.  Ms. Gillies was pretty perturb with the negotiator, when I read my notes to her about the negotiator being unresponsive and how things were not updated in Equator.  That made me feel that she could definitely be my ally.

So I'm expecting an updated phone call from her this afternoon or by tomorrow morning.  I will keep you posted for sure.


If you are having problems getting through to AMS or BOA, please try the Twitter Team, #BofA_help, they seem to on their jobs.  I was just watching the Tweets that were coming in and this team were responding to all of them instantly.  Yeah for Social Networking and BOA having the insight to put this in place.


MeLisa Minter, SFR, Broker

Minter Real Estate Services

[email protected]


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Comment by MeLisa Minter on October 31, 2011 at 9:56am

Barbara,I had the same issues with the emails.  .  I really don't understand why AMS is in the picture.  BOA could save a heck of a lot of time and money if they streamline the process without outside influences.

Comment by Olga on October 31, 2011 at 7:49am

Agree with all of you. I am a buyer - started reading your site 4 months ago, and was reading about twitter and BOA help in every other post here. It was impossible to get neither mine nor listing agent to use it. Had problems at the closing and very shady communication with BOA, so said to myself - what do I have to loose?, and ended up tweeting myself. Don from the twitter team contacted me 20 minutes after, gave the usual spill on me being a buyer and him not being able to discuss short sale with me, etc. However, he did call around and the listing agent as well - and we closed within less than 2 days after the tweet!

Maybe not on the terms we wanted - we had septic repairs, but after multiple lies and miscommunications from BOA, I was ecstatic we finally closed. Don from twitter team rocks!


Comment by Barbara Thomas on October 31, 2011 at 7:04am

I just got off the phone with Karen Gilley.  I, too, am having a very big problem with AMS!  They have been evaluating a Borrower for HAFA eligibility since May 2nd -- and I don't mean reviewing or approving a short sale offer -- actually just deciding whether or not the Borrower qualified for the program.  At several points the Borrowers were declined for supposedly failing to respond to a letter requesting updated documents, when in fact the letter requesting the documents was dated just the day prior to the decline letter!  I could not get responses through my Equator messages -- the email addresses are bogus and the messages bounce back. Meanwhile, the foreclosure process was initiated in June.  When I called AMS I was continually told not to worry, that it would be postponed once HAFA was approved.  The final HAFA eligibility decline letter was received on October 19, and was dated October 6!  And the foreclosure sale date is today at 10 am PDT.

I am desperately trying to get it postponed, and the Social Media Team is trying to help.  They really are responsive!  Hooray for them!

Comment by Bryant Tutas on October 29, 2011 at 4:18am

Oh yeah!! These guys are the best. My problem is that I find myself using them on just about every file at some point. It's awesome that when we connect they actually know me! Bank of America Twitter team is AWESOME!!!


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