Bank of America Cooperative Short Sale Program - $ for Sellers!

When I first heard about the Bank of America Cooperative Short Sale Program, I thought it might be more blah blah and less ah ha!

I was initially skeptical, A) because banks are famous for coming out with “new programs” that don’t end up getting squat done! And B) because I was told that with this program, the bank does the appraisal BEFORE an offer is received for the property.

Issue “B” was what I was more concerned with. I thought that with an appraisal being done before an offer is received, that there were great odds of the bank determining a value for the property much higher than we could actually get an offer for.

I thought of a way around this tho! We processed the file through their co-op program, and the seller received a check for $2,500!! So how did we get around the value issues with the lender? Give me a call and I’ll be happy to share with you how we get this accomplished now without having to worry about a high value when dealing with Bank of America co-op short sales. Now I’ve closed several through the Bank of America Cooperative Program, and my clients are getting checks! If you would like to see if you can qualify for the Bank of America Cooperative Program and receive a check for doing a short sale, contact me right away!

A quick side note about the BofA Cooperative Program: The process of going through the Bank of America Cooperative Short Sale program can take a little longer than a traditional short sale with BofA. This is because they outsource a lot of the processing. Of course this may be a benefit to you, depending on your situation. I have also found another benefit to this tho. Hit me up :)

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