A day in a short sale call to a lender-
It started with polite introductions, me stating my name, him asking 3 times what my name is, me stating that I was a transvestite at birth so I was originally named Robert and am now Bobbie. It took him awhile to grasp that idea :).

We are then proceeding happily thru the conversation and he asked for my phone number, which I gave him. He asked if it was a land line, and I said no, so he asked for permission to call me on the cell. I responded with, as long as it's after 2:00 am and naughty in nature I am okay. He said "so I'll take that as a yes". Okay.....

We then proceeded deeper into the conversation - oh, did I forget to mention I am a screamer????? -well, I am a screamer. How does that matter you might be wondering...... well, as we were conversing away, someone (unbeknowst to me) decided to poke me in my ear, which resulted in a shockingly loud, prolonged scream, into this poor man's ear. After which I proceeded to laugh uncontrollably, I mean fits of laughter. This kind gentleman stayed on the line the whole time asking how I was, and if everything was okay.

We did finish the call on a more level headed tone.  Some documents did not upload to his system, so I refaxed directly to him.  He then emailed management to get this loan assigned to a short sale negotiator immediately.  I wonder if that was because he had fun with today's conversation, OR he wants to rid the bank of me?!?!?

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Comment by jeni lamberto on April 10, 2011 at 5:54am
Hilarious Bobbie!
Comment by Bobbie Files on April 10, 2011 at 5:44am
I try to have fun in everything I do. Sometimes it is difficult to do when dealing with lenders, but being positive and social with the banks I think gets better results. At least that is what I tell myself!!
Comment by Michael Ackerman, CRS, SFR, on April 9, 2011 at 9:04am



That's hysterical.  I think we should all use our best attributes to get these done and if it means being a 'screamer' (I mean that in the best way - not the negative) then so be it.  You get a great big "Go On Grrrrrrl!" from me.    


Our styles may be different, but success for our clients is our goal.  "Go ON Grrrlll!!!"  




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