Dear Lender,

I will never forget how it felt when we first met. I had dreams and you had the means. It was as if we were made for each other. You promised to fulfill all my dreams. You promised we would have a beautiful home, a fancy car and money to send kids to college. That we would shop and vacation at exotic locations. You said you wanted me to live my dreams. I fell for your charms. I signed the promissory note.

Then, you changed. I thought you were true to me but you lied. I told you she was trash but you wouldn't listen. That really was subprime! You said I wasn't 'adjustable' and treated me like yesterday's jam. I had to sell my jewelry and liquidate my savings to support your flashy lifestyle. It never was enough. The subprime trash took all you had. All that I had given you!


You now want to take my home and sell it on HUBZU. You may do as you please but I have had enough. I have learned how greed and desire cause hardships. You misled me but I have found the Way. I have discovered the Sutra on Eight Realizations.

I will practice mindfulness and have few material desires. I have understood that if I desire for more, I will end up being a part of an economic system that exploits others. I have understood that happiness is a peaceful state of body and mind. I will practice mindfulness to cultivate a peaceful state of body and mind.

Goodbye, my love!



Saurabh Singh is a student of the Vietnamese monk, Thich Nhat Hanh and promotes veganism and the practice of mindfulness for creating happier and enlightened communities. Saurabh is against foreclosure and forced evictions.

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