Chase Outreach is now denying seller of 20k how to escalate

Seller recvd letter for incentive.  We sent in the listing on Nov 20 letter expired nov 23. 

I have documentation of who I spoke (name and extension) to and when to verify receipt of the documents but Chase is saying they only have a record of recving a fax in Feb... 

any ideas how to escalate and what options I have to get this money for client...?

Can they just deny the program.?

Anyone I can call at chase or Dept?

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     Call the presidential office. If they received the document within the given time frames, they may uphold the incentive to the borrower. But as Ron said, quite some time has passed and it's possible nothing can be done. I'd do additional research into the time frames documents were received and the guidelines of the incentive letter. 

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