• I think there will be a resurgence of them...Kids- it feels good to be back :) 

  • Yes, I am seeing activity and much of the same. Lets stay tune and see if we can create some opportunites in a unknown correcting market.  

  • There's definitely going to be more short sales. 16M laid off in 3 weeks? Many of those businesses won't survive let alone reopen. Which unfortunately will cause deeper financial and family problems, leading to more divorce and foreclosures. We're already seeing buyers wanting steeper discounts due to the uncertainty in the economy and market. It's going to be quite interesting. 

  • yes it is - will take 6 months to kick in though

  • I think there will be an uptick in foreclosure once the forbearance plans end for borrowers and many of them remain unemployed or cannot afford the repayment plans, or qualify for modifications. I expect an uptick to play out within the next 8-12 months.

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