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Hello everyone,

I noticed there hasn't been much recently about US Bank on this post so I'm throwing a line out for assistance.

We have one loan (USB..not FHA/FNMA/FMAC) and I filed our contract last January ...The file was processed twice as they waited until documents were outdated and closed the file without I resubmitted the same contract with all current supporting docs. We are now 2 months since re-submitting the contract and no progress made..still stuck in 'Pre-Underwriting review' and has been since March. I enlisted the help of a floor supervisor but it appears that he's not making any progress internally.

Do any of you have experience with US Bank? I've been informed that they don't escalate files and their CRM/Account Manager is useless as he admittedly didn't know the process when we first made contact.

Have any of you been successful in escalating files with this lender or should I just throw in the towel now?



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  • Seth   I feel for you   just FYI   it doesn't take ANY servicer  3+ weeks or more to underwrite ANY FILE...

    it is done within 24-72 hours.... only way it would take that long is if it SAT on someone's desk for

    3 days before the 3 wks was up....this is their "standard" SPIEL.....means dialog in German...

    do NOT throw in the towel   this is what they want 99% of agents, borrowers, and buyers to do..


  •  U.S. Bank Default Management Department.  888-456-2622.

    When we submitted our short sale package on one of our files we were snail mailed a letter from US Bank which contained ^ that number.  I dont know how helpful it will be but maybe its a start? 

    It took millions of calls and emails to get our file to close.  Ugh. 

    • Thanks Lacy..I appreciate your reply..I've been in contact with a Supervisor at USB who is now engaging his boss to get our file to Underwriting...its literally been on their desk for 4 months. If we don't get something done in the next 3 business days I'll contact the Default Management Dept as you suggest.

      Based on this experience I would strongly caution anyone from taking on a short sale with USB..this has been a miserable experience.

      • We closed a US Bank short sale yesterday with no issues at all. Maybe I had the right person assigned to the file.

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