I have a short sale approval being held up because apparantly Nationstar "has never had to get approval from investor Goldman Sachs/Wells Fargo, this is their first time" and is unable to make contact with the investor.  Does anyone have contact information for someone at Goldman Sachs who I can contact to make something happen?  Thanks in advance. 

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Hi Janna, I will take a look but in the mean time try www.jigsaw.com

Thank the good Lord above!!!! Nationstar written short sale approval with a deficiency waiver plus no counter to the offer!!!! Will be closing in 2 weeks!!!!!!!! Buyer closing with tehir own lender and getting 3% in closing costs!!!!

Congratulations, Tracy. Job well done. 

What happened with this file?  I am in the same position with Goldman Sachs as the investor.  They refuse to respond.

Thanks, ~Curtis

We have been dealing with the executives at First Horizon (who transferred the file to Nationstar for servicing in July) who have been working with their legal team to try and reach a resolution.  Our offer that was submitted months ago meets all investor guidelines, we can just get no response from the investor to simply put the final stamp of approval on it.  In fact, the executives in trying to find the contact person at Goldman Sachs, were told not to call back again!  I speak daily with the assistant to the VP at First Horizon, he is a baffled and outraged as we are.  We are this week going to be taking the situation to our Senator.  Please let me know if you learn anything that might be helpful, and I will do the same for you.   



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