Does anyone know contact info for the senior officers of this company? I can't seem to get past the customer service reps. They tell me to keep calling back to get a supervisor and that never happens. Had one reach out to me but can't get his direct number or email. Can't find info on the internet. Any help would be appreciated.





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Hi Kimberly,

I also have a short sale deal with them. Where are you in the process?  I don't know what number you are calling but the one I've been using is 800-441-4428.  My experience with them thus far has been less than productive.  Good luck

I have been working on a reverse mortage short sale with Financial Freedom since Nov 2012. I call weekly for updates - so far there have been no updates in over 2 months. I have escalated the file numerous times with no response. I was told that "there is no phone line to the short sale dept". I have sent several emails to and faxed the short sale and general customer service fax line with no sucess.


Does anyone have a way to contact a VP or someone else who can actually help?

I have had the same experiences.  I cannot be put through to the short sale department.


I have exchanged e-mails with but she is responsive not helpful.  At least it is a person and not a general mailbox.





I am having the exact same issue  with Freedom Financial even the same time frame and it's like being in the dark.  Yesterday I researched some top people with the parent company, One West Bank  and found these possible emails.

It feels like I am totally in the dark - let me know if you have made any progress.

All comments look a bit discouraging. Did any of you get to approval on these?

#financialfreedom #reversemortgage 

this is by far the worst company to deal with!!!! I faxed and emailed my auth so many times i lost count.  I finally got a good guy on the ph, made him sit by the fax and acknowledge receipt.  He said it would be uploaded in 3 days. No, it took another week!  I spent hours googling them and all I could find was bad reviews.  I called Texas where they're headquartered, but they sent me back to the SS dept.

all I could find was contact for OneWest  1.877.741.9378 (within U.S.)
1.626.535.4300 (outside U.S. - toll call)
or click here to send us an email. I asked to speak with someone who had authority over financial Freedom, and they were going to have one of the attorneys call me ---- I'm stil waiting******



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